August 13, 2023

New Moon in Leo: Getting to the Heart of It. {August 16}

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The past few weeks, we’ve been invited to reflect on what it means to be worthy—of love, friendship, money, and joy.

Venus in Leo turned retrograde on July 22 (or 23rd depending on where you are). Venus is the planet of love. It represents our relationships, finances, and self-worth. It is the part of us that gives and receives love. It’s our sense of how worthy we are to attain what we desire.

Since then, I’ve been offered two jobs, I’ve been accepted into university (for the second time), and I’ve been exploring my needs in a deeper way within my romantic relationship while also exploring what it means to be in connection with other women in my life. I’ve also been dodging people from my past who are coming back for another try; this is common during Venus retrogrades too.

This period of time has really called me back to my heart—to what I truly desire.

Leo rules the heart, so it’s no surprise when Venus is here and seemingly moving backward in the sky, we are drawn to a more internal, heart conscious, reflective space.

Personally, I’ve had to dig deep into my why.

Why do I want (or don’t want) this job? 

Is it for the money?

Is it for the challenge?

Is it to prove to someone that I’m worthy?

Worthy…What does that even mean?

There was a time when I would search for my worthiness in others as if they knew something I didn’t. I would find myself in relationships, much like those I had witnessed as a child—chaotic and unpredictable—because somewhere inside of me I thought that was love.

I was anxious. I found myself chasing others to prove that I was worthy, begging them to love me. Time and time again I proved to myself I wasn’t worthy because they always left.

It turns out I just didn’t love myself.

And now I know loving ourselves is the first step.

At the time of writing this, Venus is hidden by the sun. We can’t see her in the sky, and she is said to be “in the underworld.”

This concept follows the Sumerian myth of “The Descent of Inanna.”

Inanna (Venus) descends through the seven gates, disrobing and removing everything that was once of value to her. She was the Queen of Heaven after all.

While in the underworld, she is vulnerable, naked, and exposed. She no longer has any of her belongings that once gave her a sense of safety.

This is where we are right now. We are vulnerable, exposed, and unsure of what’s to come.

We’re feeling into what it means to be worthy of love, money, and everything we desire. What was once desirable may no longer be what lights up our inner spark, and that’s okay.

As long as we’re being honest with ourselves.

This is why many relationships may end, and if not end, they definitely will not be the same by the end of this period. The question is, are we on the same page, are we connected, or have we been denying our hearts?

Think back to the Summer and Fall of 2015.

What was going on then? You may find some key themes weaving through to now.

When the New Moon comes on August 16th, Venus will be moving beyond the rays of the sun as she rises as a morning star. She will still be retrograde, which means there is still some restructuring to be done, but by this point we will have a better idea of what it means to us, individually, to be worthy. We will be one step closer to our true desires.

This is the part in the myth of Inanna where she is rising back up through the gates, after being killed and resurrected, realizing the pieces of clothing, her crown, and everything that once made her feel safe is no longer necessary.

She returns more humble and more sure of herself than she ever was before.

She’s connected to her inner strength. She knows who she is and what she’s capable of.

During this time, the invitation is to connect to our heart’s center.

Ask yourself, what do I really want? 

Who am I when nobody’s watching?

How can I share more of my true self with the world?

What is holding me back from shining authentically?

Leo is our inner child. It’s the part of us who just wants to be seen—to be loved, without the need to be anything other than our true, shiny self.

This New Moon is also in connection with Uranus, the planet of unexpected change. We have two options: Feel anxious about the changes as we try to resist them or we can shift our focus and feel excited about what’s to come.

Grounding in our sense of self is crucial. Practicing self-love in whatever way best serves you is essential. Ask yourself what you need and spend some time giving it to yourself.

Know that your worthiness comes from within. Nobody can give that to you but yourself.

There is a huge opportunity for healing under this moon as it speaks with Chiron, the healer. Our hearts are open and vulnerable, and there is an invitation to allow what needs to move through us—a cathartic release.

As we release and heal the wounds of our past, we can look through the doors of the North Node in Aries as we step into our new sense of being, with newfound boundaries and a knowing that we are worthy of everything we could ever desire.

The key is to get clear on what that desire is.

Then the opportunities will come.

Leo is the lion; it’s ferocious, primal, and goes for what it wants. Let’s embody more of this energy as the New Moon approaches, knowing we are worthy to make all of our dreams come true, no matter what anyone else has to say.


This journey is about you. Your heart. Your desires.

The closer we can all get to our heart, the easier it will be to share our light, confidently into this world. A world that needs our gifts more than ever before.


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