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August 4, 2023

Standing on the Bridge between the 3 and 5 D

How on earth is July over? August is starting off on the 1st with a bang with a super full moon in Aquarius and I wanted to get this podcast out before then. This is the second of four consecutive super full moons. August will also be ending with a super full moon, this time in Pisces, on the 30th-31st, depending on your location on the planet. With the two super full moons and the retrograde energy, the theme of August is about releasing. If you are listening to this before or around the 1st, if you feel called, I would focus on releasing whatever is not in alignment with this new age seeing that it is an Aquarius full moon. I would then at the end of the month focus on letting go of any Age of Pisces energy that is keeping you for moving forward. On the 8th, we will be experiencing Lion’s Gate and I can already feel the energy leading up to it. I have noticed a slight shift in the energy recently and the only way I can describe it as detached and floaty. I don’t think I have ever felt so detached from the 3 D and it feels quite amazing. We will end the month with 2 more planets going into retrograde, which adds to this retrograde storm that we are already in. By the end of the month, we will have a total of 7 planets in retrograde. August is going to be yet another powerful and possibly exhausting month, as if June and July weren’t intense enough. So again, please make sure to carve out plenty of down time and be mindful of your energy.

Let’s do a brief recap of July and I will share some of the messages I received during the month. If you recall, July started off super strong with a full moon that opened the Sirius gateway and then the 777 portal all in the first week, which was a very powerful and energized time. Speaking of recalling, something I wanted to mention is that one of the strangest experiences on this ascension path is the perception of time and our memory. Prior to 2020, I would say I had an iron clad memory. However, for the last three years, there are days where I struggle to recall what I did earlier in the day, let alone the day before. Some days, especially lately, I struggle to recall what day it is even though I have probably already looked at the calendar several times. There are also days where I feel as though I lose time. I go out on my patio to have a cup of tea and then an hour just passes in a blink of an eye. Some days, it feels like a lot is happening even though on the surface it does not appear so which makes me sometimes feel easily overwhelmed. There are days when I wonder if this is some early on set dementia. It was scary at first, but now I have just accepted that it just part of this ascension process. I have heard from many lightworkers that they are having similar experiences. It maybe be because time, dates and other information just doesn’t really matter as much anymore and these are just some of 3 D construct we are letting go of. Also, we are moving into heart-based living instead of brain-based living. We are also accessing higher dimensions, which is keeping us from fully attending to 3 D information, which may also explain this memory coding issue. If you are experiencing this, you are definitely not alone. Something that I find to be so incredibly interesting is that when I think back to my childhood, it seems as though it happened in a past life. I feel so incredibly detached from it, which may be all the clearing I have done. There are also times where I just feel like I am floating through my day in utter bliss, which is the best part of this ascension process. And with every month as we continue on this path, I feel more and more detached from the 3D drama.

Speaking of 3 D drama, here is a strong message I received to share with you. I still see many lightworkers paying a lot of attention to the 3 D reality show. I have said this message time and time again. We need to stop giving our attention to this lower vibration. Our preoccupation with the 3 D comes from a place of fear. If we keep focusing on the corruption, greed, hate, etc. we are giving it power and keeping it alive. Remember, the light has already won! It is time to move on and step into the 5D Frequency and create this new earth, not put our attention on a dying system. Furthermore, we need to be careful with our words and stop labeling certain characters in the 3 D reality show as “the powers that be,” figures of authority, etc. They do not have any power in our reality unless we give it to them. I believe this is really preventing us from moving forward.

On the new moon on the 17th, we also changed nodes from Taurus/Scorpio axis to Aries/Libra axis. Aries, our north node, which is the sign of the individual, a fiery initiator, will be setting the collective tone for the next year and a half. This energy is going to assist us in moving forward with our vision of being the trail blazers. After this new moon, the retrograde energy started and that is when the energy really shifted. If you listened to my June podcast, I discussed how in the energy had been very draining and I speculated that we would need to rest for the rest of the summer. I was definitely right about that. Leading up to the retrogrades, I was feeling super exhausted and knew I needed some time off. The weekend before the retrograde, my body just could not keep going. And then right before Venus and Chiron went into retrograde, I had some profound insights. On Thursday, which is my writing day, I sat down to do a project that had wanted to do for some time. I had carved out several hours to work on it and felt motivated, energized and clear headed. However, I just couldn’t. I literally stared at a blank piece of paper for 2-3 hours. It was as though something was stopping me. At first, I thought it was internal and was getting so frustrated and angry. I kept wondering what was wrong with me and then started to beat myself up. Since I could not get anything accomplished, I went on my walk, which usually helps me get some insights. After I went through my portal on the hiking trail that I pass through just about every day, I started to feel a lot of energy in my 3rd and 5th chakras. I then received some very powerful messages.

We are standing on the bridge between the 3 D and 5 D which can be very frustrating and confusing. Many of the things we used to do and think were important in the past, just don’t seem to be anymore. Although we know there is something amazing on the other side, we don’t have full clarity yet. This is very frustrating to those of us, including myself, who want to know the answers. However, this is a period of just trusting and letting go. I also heard that it is only going to take a certain percentage of us to help shift us into this new consciousness and it is up to us lightworkers to do this for the collective. However, many of the things we are still doing and thinking are keeping us stuck in this 3rd dimensional frequency and it is important for us to focus on clearing this in order to move forward. This is really a time of scrutiny and fine tuning. Once I received this message, I then understood what this resistance was. Firstly, the force that was stopping me was outside of myself and nothing is wrong with me. This concept of judging what we are experiencing is part of this 3 D programming. Furthermore, before I could move forward with my writing, I needed to clear some subtle 3 D programs that I was still attached to. I am currently in this huge transitionary place, shifting from being a full time therapist to becoming a full time writer. However, I often wonder how am I going to pull it off financially? Although there is a huge part of me that is not at all concerned with money, there is still this piece that is attached to this 3 D programming that is worried about making money. I also realized that I was existing too much in a place of doing, instead of allowing, which is also part of this 3 D programming. I had been taking many action steps for over a year now, but kept feeling like things were not happening quickly enough and was still trying to make things happen instead of just allowing it to unfold in the right time. I also realized that I spent quite a bit of time wondering what I was going to do here to Mt. Shasta, besides writing of course. I am originally from Chicago and moved here at the end of September in 2021 after a calling I received. Since that time, I have met many lightworkers who also have moved here within the last 3 years. A strong message that I received was that I am here because of the frequency and the future work for me will unfold in time. I need to allow it to unfold instead of trying to figure it out. I think many of you have changed location and maybe this message brings you some clarity and ease. After my walk I went home to process this and went into such a deep meditation for several hours. I also may have fallen asleep. For the next few days after these insights, I napped for most of the integrating all of this.

I came back to that place of realizing that the most important thing we need to do is focus on this ascension process which is about integrating all the energy, resting from the solar flares and processing whatever comes up even if it interferes with our daily agenda and to continuing releasing our attachments to the old 3 D paradigms. I know this journey has been a lot of hard work, but we are the leaders in this movement. If we are to lead with integrity, we must really do the work. We are the first wave, laying the foundation for the rest. As we approach Lion’s Gate, let’s embody the courage and empowerment of Leo by releasing any remnants of victim consciousness, worry, judgment, etc. and just trust and allow our destiny to unfold. And again, this month will definitely another powerful month so please be mindful of your energy. We got this! Sending all of you lots of love and light from Mt. Shasta. I am so excited to be sharing another amazing month with all of you.

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