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September 18, 2023

A New Way to Use Affirmations for Crazy Fast Results.


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You and I are affirming our reality all the time.

In the world of manifestation, affirmations are an effective tool to rewire your brain.

Affirmations work, but there’s a catch!

You must get your body and emotions involved in the words you think and speak. Simply stating, “I am rich,” without any true belief or emotional charge behind it is about as useful as an umbrella in a hurricane.

Every thought you think creates a chemical response in the brain and body. That chemical response creates a vibration (or state of being) that gets reflected back to you as experiences, feelings, emotions, and interactions. Because your brain and body want to be in sync with each other, every thought you think is accepted by the body as truth.

The quantum field acts like a big mirror—consistently reflecting your beliefs about who you are back to you.

In essence, your life experiences are one long placebo effect based on what you believe about yourself, life, and the world.

Many people claim affirmations don’t work. No offense, but that’s a load of sour lollipops with a little bit of the wrapper still attached.

You are affirming your reality all the time!

When you say, “I’m tired,” you’re affirming.

When you say, “I can’t figure this out,” you’re affirming.

When you say, “That person will never give me the time of day,” you’re affirming.

When you say, “I’m hungry,” you’re affirming.

Affirmations don’t work? Think again. The unconscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs you repeat are affirmations and they’ve created everything you’re currently dealing with, whether it’s pleasing to you or not.

If your chosen affirmations aren’t working, it’s because you don’t believe them yet. It means you don’t have a strong emotional charge behind your words.

By age 35, 95 percent of our responses are memorized programs in the brain. Most of the time, you’re on autopilot, unconsciously responding to your reality from chemical memories your body learned at a young age. You’re not as aware as you think you are!

For new affirmations (or beliefs) to work, you have to practice them consistently so you create a new chemical memory in your body. You need to teach your body a new state of being in order to attract or manifest new experiences.

So what happens when traditional affirmations don’t work for you? It’s okay because I’m here to teach you a new way to use them.

Before I share, I must warn you that this method works fast. Within a day or two of using this technique, I manifested a new client, new customers and followers, sales of my products, support from total strangers that blew me away, and more trust in the Universe (and myself) than ever before.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Think back to yesterday and be honest: how many times did you ask yourself a negative question?

Maybe you said stuff like:

“Why is life so hard for me?”

“How is everything so confusing?”

“Why am I such an idiot?”

“How could I do such a dumb thing?”

“Why is everyone ahead of me in everything?”

“Why do I always mess things up?”

“How is that person getting that and I’m not?”

Oof. Feels pretty crappy, right? All of us do this, and it’s not helping.

Here’s what you’re gonna do to change up the energy without resistance: you’re gonna start asking yourself positive, open-ended questions.

These are called “askfirmations” or “askformations” and they work fast!

Here are some examples:

“How does everything always work out for me?”

“How do I have so much support all the time?”

“Why are people always giving me money?”

“How is my business thriving so easily?”

“Why do people always want to help me?”

“How am I so lucky all the time?”

“Why am I constantly receiving gifts?”

Ahhhhhh, that feels better, doesn’t it?

Here’s why this works.

Traditional affirmations can bring up resistance in your brain because you are crazy smart. Your frontal lobe (the CEO of your brain) knows what’s up, and it wants to keep you safe.

When you say a traditional affirmation like, “I am rich,” your frontal lobe scans your entire brain to make sure it’s true. Then, it argues with you because it wants you to know where you stand so you remain alive.

Your frontal lobe might reply with something like, “Rich? Haha, I don’t think so! You’re in debt up to your eyeballs and you have $12 in your account. Try again, sweetie.”

This leads you into deeper despair, creating more low vibrating energy in and around your body, which gets bigger through the Law of Attraction because like attracts like.

So what happens when you ask yourself a positive open-ended question? Your frontal lobe scans for the answer to that as well.

You: “Why are people always giving me money?”

Frontal lobe: Because they love you! Because you’re amazing! Because it’s fun! Because you give so much to everyone! Because you’re allowing it!

You: “Why am I so lucky all the time?”

Frontal lobe: Because you’re awesome! Because you’re aligned! Because you rock! Because: why not you?

You: “Why am I so rich?”

Frontal lobe: Because you work hard! Because you know your stuff! Because your influence is expanding! Because you matter!

Less resistance = more openness to a new idea.

Your brain wants you safe and alive. Anything that threatens these two states is rejected so you don’t go do something dumb and get yourself killed. The brain is kind of like an over-protective parent: it wants you alive, and it can be a bit of a diva about it.

When you start to disrupt the delicately arranged chemical responses the body has become used to, all hell breaks loose! The brain views change as a threat. This is often why you can’t get the results you want: your brain needs time to learn new chemical signatures in small doses so the old ones atrophy and die.

The chemical signatures your brain and body have memorized can be likened to a sugar, heroin, or caffeine addiction. Your cells know certain chemicals because you’ve sent them those messages for years (sometimes decades!) through your thoughts, beliefs, and conditioning.

When you send your cells a new chemical, they’re suspicious. They want the “hit” of the chemicals they’re familiar with: anger, doubt, fear, and envy. Now, you’re trying to send them love chemicals and they’re not used to that. In fact, they may downright revolt depending on how strong their addition to anger, fear, or self-hate is.

This is why consistency and persistence is key.

You need to teach your cells new chemicals and you do that by changing what you are focusing on. Energy flows where your attention goes. Your brain likes to fall back on programs (habits of thought) so it can preserve energy.

When you use “askfirmations” to change your internal story and chemistry, you’re implementing powerful changes in your neural connections and networks, but you must be consistent about it.

Saying an affirmation for one day is not going to change a thing.

You need to use affirmations and askfirmations all the time. You need to implement them more than your current beliefs and chemical signatures.

You need to teach your brain and body a new story and identity.

Affirmations work, but you have to understand what they’re doing—they’re helping you to focus on something new.

Here is your (fun) homework assignment: write out 10 “askfirmations” you can use all the time when your brain starts to fall back into old habits.

Here are a few I use all the time:

“Why am I so lucky in everything I do?”

“Why do people always offer me help?”

“How does money flow to me so consistently?”

“How do I always know what to do and when to do it?”

You’re gonna start to feel so good because now, you’re literally vibing higher. You’re sending a new chemical signature to your cells and they are “expressing” a new emotion: love, happiness, satisfaction, and joy. Boom. You just changed your state of being. That’s how powerful you are!

Notice how this technique puts you in a good mood immediately and easily, which is what you want.

Lower the resistance to change and you’ll start to see different results in your life.

Will you use “askfirmations” going forward? I’d love to know in the comments!


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