September 25, 2023

Aries Full Supermoon: Daring to be Free & Boldly You. {September 29}

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From one ending, springs forth a new beginning.

From cataclysmic events, new seeds of hope are planted in ashen fallen lands, sprinkled by tears of grief and decay.

Hours turn into days, days turn into years, and here we stand on the precipice of yet another shift. Because the shifts never cease in this day and waking age of profound evolutionary change.

If you are alive at this time, you cannot doubt it be for reason—to see the dying of an old, old world to birth a new one.

And yet, the shadows speak so loudly most days still. The fear matrix, shadow programming, shadow-ruled, power puppets of hands are beginning to be seen in the light of day rather than just sensed and felt by a select and deemed “crazy” few. What has ruled our unconscious for eons is losing its grip and power. Because we are awakening. As humans, as souls, as sovereign beings.

This is Aries energy. The ruler of our fate for the next two years. The north node invitation to step deeper into soul and self. Who are we really? Who were we before the world programmed us to be fearful and despondent victims to systems of enslavement?

We are learning who that soul self is, and it may shake the very foundations of us—dying to an old self, our environments stifling the very fabric of us, no longer stretching us to grow. Our relationships may splinter off.

So we choose. To stay in what is known for fear of being cast out from god, or we boldly, bravely step into new, empowered self, even if we are shaking in our now-shedding skins.

Aries is with us for the longer haul, but will be even more prominent in the upcoming full supermoon, our second full moon of the month, landing on September 29 at 5:57 a.m. EST at 6 degrees of the cardinal fire sign. Landing in the early degrees of the Aries warrior, it amplifies the energy of new beginnings disguised as endings with that full moon energy. Aries is the leader of the zodiac wheel, the go-getter, “act-now-think-later” energy to get our motors revved up and ready for the new creation. Aries energy is passionate, zesty, motivated, courageous, and bold. As we all have Aries within us, we can channel this energy to harness the courage it takes to step into the new.

We have had seven planets in retrograde for the last month. That is a whole lot of slow down energy to get us all feeling a bit or a lot uncomfortable. The universe was asking us to pause and slowwww down before we leap. To go within the self and the subconscious patterning that’s still running and ruling us. Not to chastise the self, but to bring ample compassion for the self still learning how to trust and let go.

We had Mercury in retrograde in Virgo for the last six weeks, stationing direct on September 15, but in shadow energy until the 30th, just one day after the full moon peaks. This Mercury retrograde felt extra…well mercurial. Heady mind, heavy mental body, thinking, thinking, and overthinking. We can thank Virgo energy a bit for that.

Ruled by Mercury, our mental body, communication, and day-to-day processing might have felt a bit congested, almost like too many running lanes along a bogged up multilane highway system. Virgo likes order, a little too much perhaps. Details, details, details. But clog the mind up with too many moving parts and we can overload the system.

Virgo energy can be a bit too hyper-focused on finding the exact, perfect order, when maybe perfection is already inherent, even in the chaos. We must build that self-trust muscle to be able to handle any storm or unexpected, unforeseen event that heads our way. Our anxiety may not like this answer, but we can only start to work with anxiety by building that self-trust that says that no matter what happens, we have ample capacity to handle it.

But, we all are going to exhale a sigh of relief with our minds being back on track after this retrograde, or at the least not so hog piled.

Jupiter recently went retrograde in the sign of Taurus on September 4th and will stay there until December 30th. This energy is a pullback out of that inherently expansive Jupiter energy. A time to reexamine our goals, our ambitions, our growth, the seeds we’ve been planting, and see if we are aligned to what we are building.

Taurus energy wants us to find value in what it is we are building and creating. Jupiter says, “Are you ready to receive?” And this isn’t a receptivity based on mental logic, but deep, embodied, felt worthiness based on soul truth. This retrograde is asking us to tune into the energy of abundance, of expansion, by first going deeper within the self and clearing out any blocks we may have to that energy.

Venus has now been direct for a few weeks, granting us all with the integration of lessons we have had to learn these last few intense months around money, self-worth, self-value, and relationships. It was anything but easy, but we stand a little clearer on who and what we are and what we are worth.

We had a new moon in Virgo on September 14th, trine Uranus in Taurus. Uranus energy awoke us to the path we are forging now. Uranus is the shock of the new. It’s the jolt we often need to bring us into future timelines, even if there is fear and pain in that shift or elevation—because Uranus asks us to go higher. To reach for more. To believe that our liberation and freedom is in service to the collective also.

Virgo asked us to keep taking the steps to get to this new vision. Day by day, we have been edging closer. And we are nearly there. Keep the faith; keep the vision.

This full moon in Aries is awakening us to more. More courage. More boldness. More passion. More life. More faith in the new path. We have had Chiron in Aries for a long while now, so we are familiar with the wounds in regards to our self-confidence, belief in the self, and capabilities.

The wounds have run so f*cking deep and painful. We have felt like we will never be free of the chains that bind our beings and bodies. As if the wound was the life sentence. But the strength and courage we’ve had to forge in the throws of death have been invaluable. And, yeah it f*cking hurts still. We still get lost in the looping tapes of pain, trauma, and disempowerment. And, it’s okay, because only compassion and great care for the self during these times is what is needed. And we have learned to do that more and more.

Our wounds may still be with us, but they are not in the driver’s seat anymore. We are. Our souls are. And that is something to be f*cking proud of.

As with all full moons, we will have the sun, in Libra, opposite to the moon. These energies are in conversation with us for the next two years, with that north and south node axes of Aries/Libra. Aries is the individual. Libra is relationship with other. We can’t truly have one without the other. We are always in relationship with something, even if “just” the self. And that is often times the hardest relationship (and the one we can never truly escape). It is one fraught with a lot of patterned, programmed, and conditioned self-rejection.

We have learned subtle and overt ways of self rejection. That we should always be somehow different or better, skinnier, more successful, prettier. Basically, the underlying notion of “not enough.” If we’ve felt this energy for most of our lives, our self-confidence could have taken a beating and a battering.

Relationships could have been our direct mirrors back to this pervasive and felt sense of unworthiness, in the form of “other” rejecting us. It can be so painful to feel these rejections, but it is the direct invitation back to the source of this self-fragmentation. A journey back home to the self, splintered in shadows of our own subconscious programming.

Aries and Libra ask: Can I honor the other while honoring my self? Can I meet the needs of self while maybe meeting the needs of other?

Maybe not. Maybe in relationships bent on soul sacrifice and self-abandonment, we will never be able to. And, perhaps that is revealing less about us and more about the outdated nature of this relationship no longer aligned with honoring the wholeness of us.

So perhaps, we can say and speak a prayer: “If honoring more of my soul self no longer meets the need of other, may I have the courage to walk away, stepping deeper into my truth, and trusting that all that falls away was never meant to go with me, and may my part in another’s story ending serve as a catalyst to their own awakening soul growth.”

Aries energy rules the head, asking us to channel our fire toward what we want and create it now. Daring to become the new version of self, while bravely shedding the old. Daring boldly to step out into the new frontier of our lives in the face of fear, self-doubt, insecurities still swirling, and choose the new path.

Yes, we may still feel the Chiron wounds stirring and ruminating within us, but we also know we need to keep choosing the bravest version of self in order to be truly sovereign and free.

This full moon is ready for us, and we are more and more ready for it, even if fear and doubt still shakes us some days. The moon and north node in Aries will both be square to Pluto, a deeper soul invitation to shed what no longer fits and aligns. To embrace the transformation here for us. To boldly step into the fires of purification. To allow the death of self and old life remind us how to live again. To step deeper into our power and truth. Embodying the soul energy only we can embody. No competition. No comparison when it comes to soul mission.

The north node will be opposite to Mars in Libra. Mars in Libra has been a bit funky feeling. A bit scattered, neurotic, too many thoughts to keep track of, and not enough energy to get going. So many options. So many choices. How to direct the energy into change and action with so many possibilities? How to choose the most optimal one?

But, maybe we can play with the possibilities rather than feel overwhelmed by making the wrong decision. Because with each choice and decision, we open to an infinite array of new choices. And so on and so forth. Things open up as much as we are able to see and perceive them to be open. So stay open. Stay open to all the opportunities headed your way, even ones you didn’t see in the first place. Because the next choice could bring you closer to that soul-aligned purpose and fulfillment. You are truly one choice away from choosing a new life and timeline. But, it is a repetition of choices also made over and over to stay committed to the path.

Mars, the planetary ruler of this Aries full moon, will be adding some punch. Mars will be square to Pluto as well. Mars and Pluto energy are asking us to take action toward our highest transformation. And, we could have some fears in regards to our action steps stirred up. Keep embracing the inner Aries courage and embarking upon this new journey with strength and bravery. You have all you need within the self to see it through.

Pluto will be stationing direct shortly after this full moon, on October 10. Pluto’s journey deeper into the underworld has been deep soul contemplations on our transformational journey and what it means to grow, step deeper into our power, and meet our fears head-on. We have learned so much and journeyed ever stronger and more resilient through the soul-shifting changes.

And this is just a prelude of energies to prepare us for the upcoming eclipse season, beginning on October 14, with the new moon solar eclipse in Libra and culminating on October 28 with the lunar eclipse in Taurus, but the changes will be felt for the next six months. Eclipses bring sudden, quick, accelerated change, new timelines, and integration of change takes time. So keep forging ahead and tending to all your needs along the way.

Let the full moon remind you of the courage innately within you and your soul to be alive at this time. To keep showing up just as you are to your soul’s awakening mission. And to be human at this time, feeling it all, and choosing to keep going. To keep going often is the bravest act of all. To choose the new in the face of the old crumbling is an even braver choice.

Allow this full moon to remind you of the passion you carry within you even now. Of the new life within your heart and bones. Of the new beginnings already on their way to you—by you boldly releasing the decay of the old.

So carry with you your heart, your courage, your inner strength, and growing belief in self. The. Sovereign. Being. You. Came. Here. To. Be. Bravely. Boldly. Uniquely. YOU.


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