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September 22, 2023

Waylon & Iye Bako on Veganism, Fast Fashion, Equity & Justice on a Planet on Fire.


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Waylon talks with the wonderful Iye Bako about vegan love, recipes, clothes, policy, and equity and justice on a planet on fire. They explore veganism as a social justice movement and discuss how it is not simply a “diet,” while exploring the interconnectivity that veganism can have with our health, our environment, and all beings on this planet.

Iye’s philosophy is to lead by example:

“I’m not the kind of person to bring [veganism] up when it’s not asked of me, but I will treat [people] to vegan food to give them an experience of how good it can be. I just made a banana bread yesterday and my mom tried it. She was like, this is phenomenal!

So I want people to know that plant-based food is just as delicious as what they remember. And you’re not going to miss anything.” ~ Iye Bako

A clip of our conversation: 

“Honestly, it’s too late for incremental change—converting people one by one. We need a massive overhaul of the food industry. People who are passionate about this, whether they’re vegan or not, need to get into politics. We need to get the right leaders elected.” ~ Iye Bako

Or listen to the podcast:

“It’s a matter of teaching the young kids to have a taste for plant-based foods, because they’re going to end up influencing their parents to make the types of foods that they’re having at school, and they’re gonna carry it with them their whole lives. What we ate from our childhood typically ends up being some of our favorite foods.

It all starts with the youth, and getting them on board.

And they already are: Gen Z is one of the groups with the highest number of vegans. They’re becoming aware, especially because of the climate crisis. They know that they have to change something and quickly if they want to have a future.

It all comes down to not focusing on the individual.

We should lead by example. But then when it comes to what needs to be done on a larger scale? To me, it’s all about policy and system changes.” ~ Iye Bako

Want the rest? Find it here.

Inside the full conversation:

  • More about “fast fashion” and the environmental impacts … want even more on this topic? Waylon spoke about it previously on Walk the Talk Show.
  • Iye’s answer to the common question vegans are asked: Don’t plants have feelings?
  • Communities of color and their relationship with veganism, and how veganism connects with social justice.
  • Iye’s approach to veganism and her lifestyle in her own life with friends and family.
  • A vegan eye replacer discussion for baked goods.
  • The most effective way to move forward as a vegan in today’s society. What should we care about, and why?

Iye is on Instagram; follow here. Check her recipes and lifestyle tips and wisdoms.

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