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September 3, 2023

Be This Breath: An Unapologetic Love Poem

Photo by Nothing Ahead on Pexels.

At first I fell in love with an English teacher and later a young man studying to be an English teacher. Lets face it I loved him him for more than his books. There was music that infused into everything. A soundtrack for every moment and every experience. There was a light that glimmered behind his eyes and a knowing of every emotion that every existed. We shared this quality and it was obvious.

Fast forward there was love and marriage and a baby and then the darkness descended. Mental illness took hold and as a young woman I  knew nothing about mania or depression. All I knew was that I fell into a frozen state which held me until that final parting.

Separation was the kindest for both and time healed a few wounds. Life hurled fast and furious and still I words found me and resurrected me out of the depths. The poetry still arrives like an old friend and softens the edges.

This is an unapologetic love poem.

Be this breath.

Be here, be now.

Between the sighs and the sorrows.

Be this beating, this heart.

The night and day grow weary.

Yet, here we stand and sway and greet the day.

Life lingers on here and sweetness like clouds are fleeting.

Be this breath dear one.

Life is forgiving and so is the morning sun.

Be this breath and breathe deep for life and love are friends now and tomorrow may never come.

Be here, be now.

The inhale and exhalation and only a breathe between us and the beating of one heart.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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