October 20, 2023

Natural Entrepreneurship, David McLaughlin of Säti Soda talks w/Waylon Lewis.


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Waylon Lewis talks with longtime friend David McLaughlin about eco entrepreneurship. David is one of the mindful entrepreneurs behind organic CBD soda company Säti Soda, which supports Conscious Alliance / 1% for the Planet. Learn more about Sati, the benefits of CBD, the challenges of starting an eco company—and how you can invest in their grassroots WeFunder campaign.

“Säti is short for Sativa. Säti means mindfulness in Buddhism. So how do we be the most mindful about what we’re doing? How do we treat people? How’s our customer service? All of it. We’ve learned a lot.” ~ David McLaughlin

Our conversation: 

“There’s so much stress and anxiety in our world right now. So we put functional ingredients in there, as well as CBD, to help people. When they’re consuming this, it’s actually good for them.” ~ David McLaughlin


Säti Soda was started in 2019.

“Four  years in, we have reached a turning point as far as growth and finding resources to increase production and brand recognition as we move into more big chain stores, nationwide. We had heard success stories from multiple natural foods brands who had raised funds through crowdfunding campaigns…and so now here we are in the midst of our very own WeFunder fundraiser.

This gives anyone the opportunity to invest in Säti Soda for as little as $250.

Once we hit $100K (October 31st is the goal) then Wefunder will send it out to their 2M database of investors! When it’s time to convert the equity we will be changing to a C Corp and investors will be issued shares from your ownership in Säti Soda LLC.

So this is a chance for anyone to be a part of Sati! Learn more here.”

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