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November 27, 2023

Autocrats From Outer Space

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.

As much as I would like to think that life in other parts of the Universe would be benevolent and wise, but ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Starman, not withstanding, what if there were some that were not?

What do you imagine would happen if this scenario played out here on planet Earth?

A battalion of starships hovers over the horizon, having slipped past the high tech military equipment that should have detected it long before their metallic surfaces became visible. Panic ensues, jet fighters scramble to defend. They are no mercy for the tractor beams that hold them paralyzed and render them powerless.

An echoing voice is heard, translated into the multitude of human languages informing us that we were now under the authority of a race of conquerors who have held numerous other planets in their grip. This subjugator says that they have been observing Earth for eons and have developed a strategy to render all humans powerless as well. Here are the new rules.

  • Every human, regardless of gender would be made to continue to propagate the species for the purpose of enslavement to this race of vanquishers. This would occur whether or not the pregnant people wanted to be pregnant or could survive the pregnancy or were forced to get pregnant.
  • Every human must follow their rules and live in carefully proscribed areas without crossing borders to go somewhere more hospitable or safer.
  • Every human must agree with the dictates of the new rulers or be threatened with violence.
  • No human would be permitted to read or watch anything not sanctioned by the dictator.
  • All members of the current media would be vilified.
  • Every human would have to watch shows in which the authoritarian leader bellowed their self aggrandizing, glorifying, vindictive message day after day.
  • At the whim of this dictator, all elections on the planet would be obliterated since this being would now be the esteemed leader for life.
  • There would be no rule of law, except those established and maintained by the autocrat.
  • Every human would be compelled to live in enclosed bubbles because the air would be too toxic to breathe since these new arrivals cared nothing for the environment.
  • There would only be one religion, that of the conquerors. Any deviation would be met with death.
  • This supreme being would have the power to hold some humans under its sway through a form of hypnosis and they would willingly give allegiance and fealty.
  • What was always considered truth would now and forever more, be considered lies according to the ruler.

What would you do if this nightmare scenario were to play out? Would you stand up and speak out? Would you simply go along because you wanted to become part of the ruling elite, hoping that it would save you from their wrath? What if it could have been prevented by being a united planet rather than being divided into territories that battle each other? One planet whose residents’ primary purpose was more than surviving, but thriving. One planet of people whose goal was sustainability and growth of nature. One planet of citizens who wanted the best for each other. One planet whose adults cared for the future of all the children. One planet of folks who practiced peace.

I ask you to step back and observe this from a more familiar perspective. Is this so farfetched? If you look at our current situation here in the United States, and were honest with yourself, what would you have to admit? The former occupant of the Oval Office has made statements not too far off from these.

If you have voted for him, I invite you to consider that this vote enabled what we are experiencing now. I encourage you to see past whatever it was that had you supporting him and recognizing the abject danger of his presence in the presidential race. I implore you to make a different choice, a pro-planetary survival choice. A choice for freedom and safety and independent thought. Would you want a world like the one I described? Vote with this scenario in mind.

“Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you? You are at your very best when things are worst.”- from the movie Starman

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