November 11, 2023

I lost. ~ Waylon Lewis, for Boulder City Council.


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I lost…& *why* that’s Okay.

People all over town, wherever I go, want to have the same conversation. How are you? What happened? Why?

I’m well. I’m good. Genuinely. I processed hard that first day after that heartbreaking night. I’m proud of our campaign and we’ve reached 8% (12.5% won it) and 9000 votes (15K won it) all without one of the two big slates. Everyone else above me was on a slate, and especially in an off-year election, folks voted the party line, especially inspired for and against 302/Safe Zones.

My only regret is letting folks down, and not being able to serve and help those in need. Our city is woefully unprepared for fire and flood, the conflict between slates has left us mired in a costly status quo around homelessness, and affordability while making good progress isn’t treated urgently enough. I would have loved to try to help, communicate, listen, learn, form coalitions, and make real progress around real solutions to ongoing problems. Maybe next time.

For now my newsletter—I’ll keep writing it, from my site waylonlewis.com. For now, I’ll join some boards (I’m on two right now, two others have come forward and expressed interest) and serve in smaller more focused ways. I’ll meet with Mayor Aaron, Matt, others and see how/if I can help in some small way. I care no less today than three days ago.

There is a path forward, I just have to find it. I felt…read the rest at my newsletter at waylonlewis.com, free.

Mindful Mondays, with Waylon Lewis.

“Every Monday, I offer a mindful reminder for our everyday life.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

Waylon Lewis reflects on the results of his City Council race this Mindful Monday.

“I wanted to offer that everything in me just wants to feel sorry for myself and sit in a hole and kind of heal and mend and cry and not go out. And I feel a little ashamed or, defeated.

And, I think it’s important in a way to do the opposite, to model that it’s not bad to lose. It’s part of life.” ~ Waylon Lewis

Watch Waylon’s Mindful Monday video this week:

One Day Later: an Update ~

Inside this video update, Waylon talks about the value and benefit in healing/processing in sunshine and community, instead of being embarrassed, sad or disappointed by loss.

Read Waylon’s article on this topic.


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