November 16, 2023

Joy: The Dance of the Divine.

What if you knew that joy was your true nature, that it was the voice of the Divine?

What if you knew that joy was the Soul calling you back to your God-heart, to the core of your being?

Would you consider indulging in the sheer pleasure of joy more often, calling on its power to get you through those tough times?

I am not suggesting that we ignore or deny the difficult things that are a part of life. I am saying that beyond the grief and despair, joy awaits. It is our Divine nature, and it is always available.

“Joy is your birthright. Freedom is your birthright. Claim them and live your truth.” ~ Gabby Bernstein

Joy is the expression of the Divine, the heart of the Soul. It is the calm within the storm, the invitation to return Home. Joy is the expression of Love.

Life happens, and all too often, it is wrought with frustration, disappointment, and betrayal. This can lead to anxiety, fear, and grief. Learning to meet these feelings, however uncomfortable they are, is where we find true inner peace. From peace, we can come to acceptance where joy resides.

Joy is courage. It strengthens us, fortifies us, enables us to sit in the fire of the pain.

When my beloved husband, Craig, died some years back, I was perplexed and confused when these moments of inner peace and, yes, joy, would arise. In the midst of tears and deep sorrow, I’d find myself actually smiling.

At first I didn’t trust these feelings; I assumed I was in denial. No one told me that it was a natural part of grief. I was embarrassed and a tad bit ashamed. I thought I was betraying Craig. Yet I know he’d have been delighted with my moments of joy, however fleeting.

Craig was a peaceful, adventurous soul; he never wanted me to suffer. Yet somehow I felt obligated to do just that—wallow in the pain, be the victim. At that time, being the victim meant absolutely no joy!

Most of us humans are programmed to believe that joy can only be experienced as a result of some external event. We learn to find joy in a baby’s laughter or a beloved pet’s antics. Joy is what arises when we get that perfect job or a new car or new relationship. We are taught that joy and pain cannot exist simultaneously—it is one or the other, not both.

Namaste: Honoring the Light Within

Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit salutation meaning, “the light in me sees the light in you.” It is a recognition and acknowledgement of the Divine within each of us. Throughout the ages, saints and spiritual teachers have taught that we are all Divine beings. Yes, we are human as well. As Megan Watterson puts it: we are all 100 percent human and 100 percent Divine. Our job is to waken to this and to fully embrace both.

According to Merriam-Webster, the word joy simply means great happiness. Ancient scripts tell us that this state of happiness is our True Nature; it is who we are—joy. When we experience joy, we instantly feel inner peace.


Awaken and embrace your true Divine nature. Return to Joy.

Consider setting a timer to remind you to take a few minutes every hour or so and stop and bring awareness to your thoughts and to your physical body.

Do these three things:

>> Deep conscious breathing—three or four rounds of deep breathing

>> Body awareness—scan your body from head to toe gently noticing the physical sensations

>> Smile—find something in your immediate surroundings that brings a smile to your face, and indulge


“Joy is not just about being happy. Joy is a rigorous spiritual practice of saying yes to life on life’s terms.” ~ Mark Matousek


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