November 28, 2023

What Loneliness Means to Me.

Loneliness can mean different things to everyone, whether we’ve been alone for most of our life or been married for a long time and surrounded by people who love us.

But I can only relate to the former—and this is what loneliness means to me.

Loneliness is losing loved ones.

Loneliness is losing yourself.

Loneliness is feeling temporary in relationships, even if love is expressed.

Loneliness is being with family and friends who don’t really know you, only seeing what they want.

Loneliness is feeling abandoned.

Loneliness is always being alone, whether by chance or choice.

Loneliness is what could have been.

Loneliness is dining out and saying “just one,” while being surrounded by tables of more than one.

Loneliness is having to bear life’s struggles on your own.

Loneliness is not being a priority.

Loneliness is not being able to trust or depend on anyone.

Loneliness is nobody caring where you are.

Loneliness is not having someone to love when you have a heart of gold that nobody treasures.

Loneliness is not having kids, per fate.

Loneliness is going several days without communicating with anyone.

Loneliness is not being accepted for who you are.

Loneliness is not having anyone to cuddle with while watching TV or holding you until you fall asleep.

Loneliness is crying on your own shoulder.

Loneliness is seeing undeserving people gain love and attention.

Loneliness is having a heart that’s been broken too many times.

Loneliness is being so guarded with high walls.

Loneliness is wanting to be hopeful but feeling so doubtful.

Loneliness is feeling like you’re gonna die alone.

Loneliness is not knowing if you’ll ever have another relationship.

Loneliness is never finding true love.

Loneliness is being alone on your birthday and holidays.

Loneliness is not being able to relate to everyone else.

Loneliness is being a part of groups at work but still working alone.

Loneliness is going out and doing things you enjoy, alone.

It can be difficult to overcome loneliness. We have to put up a strong façade and try to enjoy our favorite things.

We hold on to our beloved fur babies, who are always near wanting our attention and who can be our rock when moments of tears hit. We are free to live by our own rules, and have plenty of space on the sofa and bed. We can let our minds wander, without meaningless conversations or disagreements. We have plenty of time to be creative. We can bum around the house without feeling the need to look pretty.

But loneliness is not a weakness, especially when we discover that being alone is a strength that many people cannot endure.

Loneliness comes and goes. People may stay for a bit, so take advantage of being alone when you can, for it’s then that you’ll discover what you do or don’t want out of life and just how amazing you truly are.


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