November 1, 2023

Loneliness & the Local Campaign Trail.

Campaigning is fun, meaningful, exhausting, emotionally a work out, and awful. Mostly fun! Mostly meaningful! And honestly an honor.

But yeah: sometimes these October nights, biking through the snow and the orange and yellow leaves, through the fast-descending dark, I wish I came home to a bright lit up house and cuddles and we’d cook and put music on and enjoy a candle and dinner for two. Instead it’s me and dear Winnie and feeling exhausted, and I feel lonely. I have so much love to give, gaddarnit.

But loneliness is good and sweet—when we don’t run from it or deny it loneliness blossoms into tender love for our life and world, and it may be Halloween outside but it’s Spring in here.

It’s something I wrote most of a book about, and a few articles, over the years.

In the Buddhist path it’s considered the gateway to fully making friends with our whole self—and then and only then can we love another fully, too.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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