November 21, 2023

My Priority Current ebike was found by the Boulder Police! ~ Waylon [Photos, video]

My Priority Bicycles ebike was found + recovered by the Boulder Police Department! It’s worse for the wear, but wow.

Walked down to 33rd st. with Winnie, was reunited with my dear bike, which is in rough shape, they gave Winnie a treat at the station and were kind, we went to Voodoo donuts & bought 13 vegan donuts & brought ’em back for Officer Diaz and others who helped and staff with my deep thanks, then biked to University Bicycles (tip your bike angels!) to get it a bit loved up. Its electrical was cut, so not operational, $250 of locks, wire bungee cords and 4 safety flags all gone, it was a bit roughed up, half the stickers gone but they clearly gave up and started taping gauze over it to make it more nondescript (ugly your bikes, folks!)…

Photos here. Videos in stories at @waylonlewis on Instagram for now (they expire).

…but I’m grateful and surprised to have it back, especially since I don’t have or want a car.

Officer Diaz was on foot patrol and found it right where I’d taken a photo of a suspicious encampment three nights earlier, sounds like—underpass below Foothills Parkway between Arapahoe and Walnut. He recognized it from the photos sent by Officer Schmeits to the department a few days earlier.

Thank you all!

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