November 20, 2023

These criticisms of President Biden are getting ridiculous.

Honestly he’s got more important things to keep track of.

We need to stop wanting a perfect president, or enjoying the sour taste of hating on the other side.

We need to be willing to support a boring, gentle, uncool, elderly, caring, kind president who gets democracy and climate change and trans rights and is fighting, peacefully, for decency. Otherwise, we’ll find ourselves with another four years of Trump, and Trump Round Two won’t make the mistake of surrounding himself with any moderates who care about democracy or rights. He’ll surround himself with Yes Men, and America will fade as an experiment in messy, imperfect, boring democracy that makes wonderful lives and innovation and freedoms possible.

He’s accused of fighting two “Proxy Wars?”

My response: Putin started it. Don’t give dictators a pass.

He’s senile? Only if you only watch Fox News or partisan social media: he’s accomplished more than any president in our lifetime, and worked across the aisle despite toxic partisan culture that you clearly are a part of. Partisanship is not patriotism!

His occasional speech slurring is related to, yes, having a childhood speech impediement—stuttering, which he overcame. Making fun of him for that is on the level of making fun of McCain for not being able to lift his arms “normally,” which my liberal friends used to do.

As for Cardi B’s rant against Biden, criticizing Biden for
“war on two fronts” and
“defunding NYC” and
“never gonna endorse presidents again,” my reply:

In Ukraine, we’re not solely funding that war, and Ukraine didn’t start it, and they’re fighting and dying for their lives and for democracies, not just their own. If you want to be cold and heartless, it’s financially a bargain vs. letting Putin have his way with trade and Europe and invading other countries and destroying other democracies and killing many millions.

On Israel/Palestine, I challenge anyone to lead in a way we’re all happy with. He’s working to deescalate, while supporting right of Israel to defend itself. And yeah it’s been oppression and they asked for it, as Obama said, as John Oliver talked about, this goes way back and is impossible, awful, and there is no excuse ever for killing civilians or children, ever.

That said, not endorsing “Presidents no more”!? Biden didn’t defund NYC, and Trump will tank everything we care about.
As for Bibi and Hamas, eff them. Extremists are the problem, and IG hot takes don’t help.

Want to criticize him on the basis of reality or facts? Go for it. But this rampant ageism and hate isn’t helpful, or accurate.

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