December 28, 2023

Healing our Planet through our Yards—Waylon learns from Aaron Michael of “Earth Love Gardens.”

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In this episode of Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, an award-winning video and podcast series hosted by Elephant Journal, Aaron Michael of Earth Love Gardens schools Elephant readers (and Waylon) on how you can love your yard (or windowsill) and our planet. He gives practical, fun tips for gently caring for our yards in an environmentally-responsible way, and reminds us of how we can participate in the healing of our planet, and ourselves, through small, simple choices.

“Being disconnected with our earth is behind so many of society’s issues. That if we can find that reconnection again with Earth, within ourselves, and with each other—that’s what society is missing.” ~ Aaron Michael

“A CU [University of Colorado] researcher found that working with soil releases serotonin. It makes you happy. It’s part of our biology to be working with the earth. And to not do so is not conducive to our health.” ~ Aaron Michael

A clip of our conversation: 

“Nature doesn’t rake its leaves. So the most basic thing you could do is let your leaves be in your yard.

This could be detrimental to your grass. So what you could do is rake them away from your grass and put them in piles around in the perimeter. And this creates a natural mulch. Insects also like to nest under these leaves, so you are giving them this winter habitat to live so that they can be birthed in the spring.” ~ Aaron Michael

Or listen to the podcast: 

Want the rest of this convo? Find it here.


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