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December 18, 2023

Dear Sweet Child Of The Universe

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.

Dream weaver please believe you are the light and a reflection of all that is joyful and bright.

My last article has spilled over into other work. I guess life also spills over and thus we creatives need a catharsis to get on and move through stuff. Poetry floods and I am in awe and often disbelief. The work isn’t work right now although I would have to say I have been doing some heavy emotional lifting. This year has been a challenging one and just when I think I am making progress there seems to be a detour or a road closure altering that I need to re-route and take a pause.

LIfe is so confusing at times and so is death. The two are intricately intertwined as is grief. We humans try to make sense of it and often come up with ” being human is a messy experience”.

My last piece focused on the long exhale and letting go. This is a surrender of sorts and a lifelong practice. I often get caught up in my own internal dialogue and the landscape of my own lens. In the distraction and frustration of my own struggle to move on I can get swept away by the process.What does this mean exactly? We can get caught up in our own story and life events and the attempt to make sense of it all.

Moving on means being ok with where we are at. Healing is messy and possibly takes a lifetime. I feel called to return to poetry and writing whatever arrives without revision. This is the creative process. Who am I I am the author of my own story a poet and a songstress with courage and conviction. I am who I am without prejudice and without disdain. I am light and so are you. We are the light in this world even though there is darkness. We are courage and freedom. We are sunlight and starry skies. We are water, fire and wind. We are the morning and the night. We are both weak and strong, broken and mended and we are alive until the last breath and then we are once again light for light lives on.

Gentle one do you dare to dream with me? Do you desire to lean into love? Wherever you are on this journey you are right where you need to be. This is the sweet spot in the universe for wherever you are this is where you need to be.

To cut to the chase dream big, love fearlessly and write your own story. We can always change and we are all evolving. We are all dream weavers and sweet children of the universe.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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