January 9, 2024

A Story for those Standing at the Foot of their Fear.

I’m afraid of heights, yet there I was one sunny afternoon, patiently awaiting my turn to climb out of a biplane’s cockpit and onto the wing to experience the thrill of aerobatics from an entirely different perspective.

My anticipation at the exhilaration of the stuntman maneuvers was interrupted by fear when I realized there had been no mention of worst-case scenarios during my morning training session. I had no idea how to recover if I fell while climbing out. Dangle from the cable until I thought of a plan, or embrace my final flight, I supposed.

I pushed aside the creeping fear and crazy “what ifs” swirling in my mind, and decided to zero in on a successful climb and the rush I was sure to experience once I secured myself on the wing. I decided it was more productive to lean into the certainty and confidence in my preparation and skills, and not get hung up on catastrophizing.

I put my trust in the reality of “what is” rather than the illusion of “what if,” and steadied myself for the experience.

To be clear, wing walking was not a sudden leap toward conquering my fear of heights. Instead, my journey was punctuated by incremental steps toward the fringes of my comfort zone: amusement park rides, hiking increasingly taller mountains, indoor to outdoor skydiving. It was the next logical step in my adventure.

This incremental ascent toward the ultimate challenge of wing walking was a path marked with introspection and growth. It was a realization that fear, especially of heights, wasn’t an insurmountable wall. Rather, it was a hurdle that could be overcome one cautious step at a time. The culmination of experiences was not just about reaching higher altitudes but was about deepening my well of courage and resilience.

The Mason Wing Walking Academy was the pinnacle of my journey. Each moment of hesitation during training, each second of doubt, was met with fortified resolve built from years of smaller victories.

Finally strapped to the wing (while hoping I secured the buckle correctly), previous encounters with height converged into a singular force of determination as I gave the signal for the pilot to start the aerobatics.

Anticipation of each stunt that once would have paralyzed me was now a thrilling symphony of air and motion, each twist and turn a celebration of how far I’d come. The fear of heights, once a looming giant, had diminished (though not disappeared)—its power ebbed away by each successive challenge I had dared to accept and overcome.

Touching back down, the euphoria of the experience lingered leaving a lasting imprint of newfound fortitude. My adventure had not ended, it had evolved.

The experience of wing walking was just another step, another layer of confidence added to my spirit. It was a vivid reminder that the most daunting fears lose their sting when faced with patience and courage. Wing walking was my conquest over the mundane and a testament to the luxury of living beyond imaginary limits—a life luxury not found in material wealth but in the rich tapestry of experiences that build courage and resilience and ignite our passions.

So, to those standing at the foot of their fear, I say start where you are. No step is too small. Each action creates momentum toward overcoming.

My story can be the future for anyone who dares to climb, one fear at a time. I urge you to seek out your own wing walking equivalent. Venture into the unknown, embrace the thrill of discovery, and allow your spirit the freedom to soar. It’s not just about conquering heights but about rising to the personal challenges that life lays before you, transforming fear into the fuel for your next great adventure.

Life isn’t about reckless abandon but about finding the courage to unlock the extraordinary within the ordinary. After all, the true essence of luxury is the joy of living fully, unencumbered by fear and open to the infinite possibilities that await.


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