January 16, 2024

Leo Full Moon & First Full Moon of 2024: Being Boldly You. {January 25}


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” ~ Leonard Cohen


We have begun a fresh new year.

And, yet the cycles of growth, evolution, and change only continue. A new year waiting for us to embrace it fully, the lessons, the initiations, the deep dives into self, the further liberation of self, the exhalation after constriction, the expansion after death.

We have all been through so much since 2020 and beyond.

Look at your life. What has changed? What needed to die in order for you to be reborn? Look even further into the past now. Back to 2008. How old were you? What did your life look like then? How did your life feel? This cycle of the last 16 years is one we have all unknowingly or more consciously been reflecting upon, the energetics and the emotions, the lessons, the stumbling, the trials and tribulations we have been through.

This is Pluto’s cycle. Through Capricorn. And we have been in Capricorn season and energy, at the final degree point of Pluto’s near exit into Aquarius. A colossal shift into a brand-new energy, energy of the future. But first the final purging of energies in Capricorn. The structures we’ve shifted, the ones that have crumbled beneath us, the mountains we’ve been transforming, grit into gold, alchemy of the human and soul evolution. Can you see how much you’ve grown and shed? Can you see the bravery and courage it took to walk this path only you could walk?

Pluto is the soul energy. Here to free and liberate us—from the shackles of our pain and wounding. Back into soul power and empowerment. But first we feel the disempowerment, the pain, the wounds, the severing of our energy from source.

Pluto wants the highest growth of us and asks for the deepest level of soul discovery and willingness to show the f*ck up—to the mess, to the chaos, to the churnings of our inner psyche and emotional processes.

Pluto is making sure we’ve learned the lessons. And still, Pluto will reenter Capricorn one last time during its retrograde cycle September through November. But on January 20, we will get a few months of the energy of Pluto in Aquarius and what is to come for the next 20 years. Innovation. Change. More collective shifts. Bringing online the uniqueness of the soul in you to navigate the future world we are co-creating. Pluto in Aquarius will ask for more of you, not less. It will ask more courage to be fully you, as only you can be, and let the light emanate through you.

Thankfully, we are starting this new year out with a bolstering of supportive energies to boot. On January 25 at 12:53 p.m. EST, we will have our first full moon of the year in the fiery, bold, and courageous sign of Leo at 5 degrees.

This full moon is one of power, amplification, and illumination to charge our energy back up after so much deep work. Reminding us of the inner strength and power to keep going in this human life and existence, because let’s be honest, many of us have felt the deepest aches to date, and it’s no wonder we’ve desired at times to no longer be here on this planet at this time of awakening.

The energies ask so much of us these days and it’s easy to spiral into depression. But this full moon says, “Wake up! Remember why you’re here! Remember that the soul in you came to express itself in the only way you can.”

We have been clearing out so much energies of the past. Moving out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde, we are ready to move forward again with our plans and communications.

The sun will be in Aquarius for this full moon, creating the juxtaposition between self and collective energy. Aquarius energy asks us to look at the whole and how we are affecting the collective. Leo is the self. The individual. We need both in order to function and evolve. And yet, the global stage is getting wilder, more chaotic seeming, darker, and heavier.

Leo reminds us to come back to the self, to focus on our heart’s desire, not out of selfish ambivalence for the state of the world, but in true Aquarian fashion, as rebellious heart warriors here to uplift the vibration of this planet by doing so. Leo says to come back to the heart. Come back to what’s true. What’s stirring within you? What’s calling to you to create? Because the old world is dying, and we must take sacred responsibility to own our energy now and our creations. We are the only ones responsible for our energy and for evolving our emotional and fear bodies.

And Leo gives us the strength to keep doing so. Even as we step into a whole new frontier, into brand new energies, meeting new parts of self for the first time. Because this is the time and rise of the lightworker. Of the empath. Of the black sheep. Of the healer. Of the one cast out from their own families. Cast out from traditional societal norms. Of the one who’s been alone on the healing path for nearly all their life. It doesn’t mean we haven’t had and met deep friends and souls also on a more solitary healing path. This is the age of Aquarius energy rising. More and more we meet that soul family energy to remind us we are not alone, even if most days we wake up alone with ourselves.

Many of us have felt the ache of aloneness in our souls ever since arriving on this planet, a deep ache to feel the love of our spiritual home. It has felt excruciating at times. And we have developed patterns of self-protection, numbness, disassociation, and addiction to avoid feeling the deepest loss of our spiritual home. And, yet, we are never lost or disconnected from it, even though we feel ourselves to be.

This is Chiron energy. The path of the wounded healer. Chiron in Aries approaches its exact conjunction to the north node in Aries middle of February. A potent time of self-healing energies to remind us of the path our souls have chosen for us to become all that we can be in this lifetime. How have our wounds served us? How have our wounds been exactly the needed medicine to illuminate our soul’s purpose?

Uranus will station direct 48 hours after this Leo full moon. A super charged energy here of get up and go. Zapping us awake and asking us to make the changes we need to make. To boldly keep innovating our lives in the ways we feel called to do. Even if it goes against the norm. Especially if it does.

Leo energy is about being boldly and unapologetically you. What expression and creation can only you create and bring onto this planet? What new creations are calling to you to speak, sing, dance, move, breathe through? Leo is bold. It is fearless. And it is courage in the face of all the fears staring back at you telling you to turn back, that your soul’s call is too risky, too scary to be possible.

Leo is the lion. The roar of protection for the vulnerable parts of self that says, “I will not shrink anymore into myself out of shame or fear of being seen.” Shame is the poison we have swallowed from a world bent on shrinking and stifling our God-given blueprint of soul expression. What will it take to give that shame back? To sit with the shame and ask it its message. To remember that shame is a story that shrouds truth. But sometimes we must go through the shame to get to truth.

This full moon will be opposite to Pluto, newly in Aquarius. New, new, and more new energy. A taste of what’s to come. Growth. Transformation. Strength in our growing power. Because we have grown. We have strengthened and fortified ourselves. Our emotions may feel intensified at this time. The sun will be conjunct Pluto, reminding us of the self we are committed to transforming and evolving, of the power we are reclaiming, of the truth we are stepping into on a soul level. You are worth it. You’ve always been worth it. You’ve always been worth the growth. And you as you are right now, always worth the love the world never gave to you.

Jupiter is squaring the sun and Pluto here. An amplification of energy to powerfully own the self we are becoming. To say to the world, “This is me. This is who I am. This is who I choose to show and reveal myself as, wholly and authentically as me. Like it, or not.”

We know what it’s like to not feel valued for who we are. To have been told there is something deeply and innately wrong with us on a core level. To believe it too. Self-loathing has been a companion to many of us. The shame of being an outcast. But Aquarius and Leo energy is here to remind us that bringing our truest selves is actually the whole point of our mission here on Earth. And we had to go through all the programming of that somehow being wrong to get back to this mission and soul purpose now. Cleansed. Renewed. Reinvigorated. Recharged.

The time is always now. We continue to dip in and out of the underworld with Pluto’s energy center stage this year. But we have our light now. We’ve foraged long, hard, and deep for it. We will never be without it again. And all was never lost, but as with the awakening process, darkness has its time, too, to show us only what we could see by being blind to our own light. The crack is how the light gets in. The wound. The breaking in our armoring around our hearts.

Let us never forget the deep courage we had to find to be here at this time. To feel our wounds so deeply and also let the feeling be the alchemical healing and let the pain go when it’s time.

This Leo full moon is supportive of this next new year and 20-year cycle we are entering into. A time to remind ourselves and others that even when we feel like we can’t go on, on some level, we know the strength of the soul is growing.

This full moon and first of the year is a time to let go even more of the stories of shame around being who you truly are. Imperfectly you. Flaws, blemishes, scars, wounds, and all. Being this version of you frees others up to do the same. Coming out of hiding and letting ourselves and our souls be seen again. Letting our light be seen. Knowing it is safe to be seen again. To open our hearts. To live in our hearts. To follow our heart’s longing and desires. To create a heart-aligned life and soul song.

You are the leader of your own life. And you living a heart-inspired life inspires others to do the same. We are innately tied to the other. Through our growth, we elevate the collective. So keep going. Keep shining. Keep showing up. Keep choosing to be boldly you.

Let this full moon call you home to the heart. Let it ignite your heart and remind you of the love within this chamber of life-giving energy. Allow this full moon energy to be the medicine you need to remember your strength and courage to be a human in a body at this time. This mission was no easy task. And you are doing it every day, no matter how it looks or feels.

Let the full moon show you your wholeness again.

Light of the soul,

Radiate your truth.

Let the light in,

Let the light in.

Heart of the soul,

You are here for purpose.

No one but you can fulfill,

So stop trying to be anything but you.

Remember your song

Only you can sing.

Sing it now,

And sing it proud.

Let your true self

Come out now.

Awaken, dear light,

As we awaken together. 


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