January 15, 2024

Wake Up to a Different Kind of Year.


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Judge nothing. Fear nothing. Hate nothing, except hatred itself.

Go big on compliments. Go small on criticisms.

Lose toxic energy and all its creators. Lose attachment and all its hooks.

Lose the need for control. Lose some belly fat in the process.

Go heavy on rest. Go heavy on breathing.

Go light on baggage. Go light on your own damn feet.

Go hard on Friday night but easy on Sunday.

Bake a cake. Plant a seed. Plant the seed that bakes the cake. Do what interests you, don’t wait. Find your tribe. In other words, foster your own creativity. No one will foster it for you.

Take one photo a day of one important thing. Let this be your journal. Flip through it on December 31st if you make it that far and then decide if it was a good year or not. Look at your story. Watch your arc. Are you still in the same place?

Wake yourself up to a different kind of year.

More fresh veggies, please. Please! Wash ’em good.

Put down your phone. If you’re in line, fall out of line for a bit. Go off grid. Say no. Stop being afraid of disappointing others when you say it.

Make discipline the goal so the goal is within reach every day, not some far off fantasy. Focus on the thing that gets you to the goal, but keep the goal separate from the discipline.

Understand your wiring to reprogram your motivations. Review your childhood and teenage years to reprogram your reactions. Take care of your unhealed wounds to reprogram your happiness.

No response is a response. Clap back with your own peaceful silence. Respect those who respect you in turn. Respect yourself and move on from those unwilling to grow or learn.

Return the sweater you borrowed. Donate the excess. Clear your space. Grab a dust cloth. Make way for fostering and reprogramming.

Manifest external and internal change. Be disciplined about discipline itself.

If I can do it, you can do it. We all can.

Above all, above all, above all else in this one good very short life, be kind.

Especially to yourself.

Peace and prosperity in 2024!


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Read 1 comment and reply

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