February 15, 2024

Bali Saved Me.

Bali saved me.

It sounds like a cheesy statement taken from a film like “Eat, Pray, Love.” But, I truly mean it and want to express this with so much gratitude from my heart.

This island (and its people) are a gift. The energy present, the prayer, the culture, the nature. When they say it’s the “Island of the Gods,” they are not lying.

There is something otherworldly here. Something you can only experience in person. So I will try my best to convey the felt experience of having an island support your growth and all of your being.

I (and many others) refer to her as Mama Bali.

She feels like the divine mother here to scoop you up and hold you but also clearly show you what no longer serves you and what you need to release.

Bali has that ability to unearth your shadows and mirror back to you parts that you don’t want to see. And when you are deep in healing, maybe even in pain, the people here smile with their radiant hearts and you drop into the knowing that everything will be okay. It’s here that I managed to fully connect with my purpose, my authentic self, and release years of conditioning.

Now that you can feel the sacred energy of this island, maybe you can envision the power of the call I got five years ago to leave everything behind and come to Bali. When she calls, it’s like you have no choice but to listen. It was a magnetic pull, a deep knowing in the core of my soul that there were gifts for me on the other side.

So I arrived in Ubud (the spiritual hub of Bali, which literally means “Healing”), not knowing anyone, open to the realm of possibility. I found myself a cute wooden house. Almost felt like a treehouse. Here they called them “Joglos,” nestled in the dense jungle but still somehow close to town.

My landlady was this eccentric Australian painter who lived in Osho’s Ashram in India for over 12 years. Yes, you meet people here who are definitely out of the ordinary. The island tends to draw in spiritual seekers and freedom seekers but also people innovating and building impactful businesses.

Initially, I found it hard to connect and make friends, but now I see that spirit was only guiding me toward solitude so that I could more easily connect with myself. In that void of quietness and stillness, amplified by the island’s magnetic energy, things started to awaken within me.

My psychic abilities started to come “online” and I started remembering my power beyond this physical body.

Now, this is not something I often talk about, as I have a science background and my coaching approach is based on data-driven modalities. But actually, what makes me different, what makes my healing so effective, is that I harness my intuitive abilities too. I bridge science with spirituality.

And it was here in Bali, five years ago, that I started to get a glimpse of the power residing within me. I truly believe that certain locations “activate” you and awaken parts of you you have forgotten. This is why now I chose to host retreats here and bring people from all across the world to experience this otherworldly portal, a portal that guides you back to your heart and your power.

Writing this, I sense some hesitation…a slight fear that you might misunderstand me or judge me. A fear that I might lose my credibility or seem “too far out there.”

Regardless of the inner work we do, this fear of rejection or abandonment is so deeply ingrained in our being that it often impedes us from expressing our full truth. Hopefully, by telling you this story, you have the permission slip and inspiration you need to also express yours. And by doing this, I know that my people will understand and those who don’t are just not meant to be in my world at this point in time.

So if you read this, and it sparks curiosity, awe, or enthusiasm in your soul, know that we are connected in some way. And this is only mirroring back your infinite potential and your capacity to vulnerably and authentically also express your truth.

So here goes.

One day, I was walking around town and suddenly I started hearing some voices. I was taken aback. I stopped in my steps and thought I was losing my mind. What is this? “This is so odd,” I proclaimed! I knew by then I was an empath and highly sensitive, but this was just next level. And also an “experience” that is usually condemned or pathologized by society. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I be worried? Is there something wrong with me?

That same day, I was in the shared taxi going to Immigration to renew my visa. I introduced myself to this beautiful older lady sitting next to me. I said “Hi, I’m Cassandra,” and she looked at me and said: “Oh! Cassandra with Archangel Michael.” My eyes widened and I asked her “How do you know?” See, Archangel Michael has always been my protector and I would connect with him for support every day. Even my last name is Michael! So definitely no coincidences there. I’m not religious per se, but even as a child when I was sad or felt alone, I would visualize an angel sitting next to me, stroking my hair, telling me everything will be okay.

How do you know? I asked her. And she responded: “I can see him, with his wings wrapped around you.” My eyes widened even more. Yes, these are the types of people you just randomly meet on this magical island! Then I thought, “Maybe she can explain these voices I’m hearing.” So I asked her and I explained what I was experiencing. She said, “Don’t worry; I can hear them too, just ask who it is.”

I listened to her and later on at home, I asked. I was given the names of some of my guides.

So I connected with them and they prompted me to write, and I started channeling beautiful texts around time, space, love, manifestation. I realized that I am clairaudient and that I am able to receive clear guidance through hearing. Every now and then, I offer channeled readings when I feel inspired to. As I started to connect more, more of my abilities started to become apparent and this brought me close to my true essence.

If you look deeper at my work, I focus on healing trauma, helping my clients break free from unhealthy relationship patterns, and guiding them toward secure attachment. Writing this story, I still feel a contraction in my heart. A fear of being misunderstood, or even labeled as “crazy.” But my intuitive abilities are actually my biggest strength because as I bridge science with spirituality, I am able to clearly see where to take my clients and what to focus on.

For those of you who know, you know. And I am so excited for you to also start tapping into your gifts and your intuition. I’m so excited for you to start remembering.

And, this is one reason I decided to start hosting retreats here in Bali, to create that sacred space and harness the potent energies of the island so that you can come back to your authenticity and your true essence.

And this is different for each of us; we are here to remember our power in different ways and serve in different ways.

I am a channel, a shadow worker, and bridger of the divine. I am so grateful to be able to serve you on this sacred land. And to share with you the teachings that changed everything for me. To show you my favorite temples, hidden waterfalls, and secret spots. To guide you back home.

Are you feeling the call for Bali?


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