February 19, 2024

Bury My Heart at Waffle House.


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If you’ve never been to Waffle House, you’re missing out on the purest slice of the human condition.

I’m in love with everybody. During every visit, my heart opens, expands, and explodes several times.

Visiting this egg and burger emporium, you witness a rainbow of phenomenal colors and gain an incredible sense of what it means to be a real human being. You’re in the ultimate melting pot, the stew of dark and light, and you can’t escape any of it.

But who would want to? To me, it’s caviar.

*** If you’ve ever gone through serious, hardcore sh*t, you know exactly what I’m talking about: It’s not pretty and you’re not refined—you’re just a living, pulsating nerve emanating the truth of life. ***

While occasionally, you might find the House quiet or subdued, even silent, most often the environment is raw, wild, and a little unnerving.

It’s absolutely beautiful. 

People screaming at each other, angry drug addicts, broken people, politicians, seemingly happy families, and single souls seeking solace in high-octane coffee served in a sturdy 1950s ceramic mug.

Even the hash browns section on the menu speaks to the nature of the pain we go through to find comfort in this world. You can get your potatoes smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, and topped. Sounds a bit like how we felt after our last relationships.

It doesn’t take a new-age spirit-scientist to determine these are exactly what we all go through in this meat-grinder of a life—no matter how evolved we believe ourselves to be.

Strong Women In Service

In the heart of this old-school styled diner is often a group of strong, quick-witted female servers always on their toes. They appear as hardcore therapists in the vein of Bob Newhart in the therapist comedy sketch where he says to his broken client, “Stop it. Just stop it. Just stop doing that.”

There are no excuses at Waffle House. Everybody behaves as the spirit moves them. And nobody is pretending.

The food at Waffle House is similar. In fact, if you eat Waffle House food every day, you might want to be taking Berberine, Metformin, and every other sugar and cholesterol herb and supplement you can get your hands on. That said, gosh, everything is absolutely delicious!

In the background, you hear snippets of conversations…

>> “Anybody wanna take a bet on the game?”

>> “I ain’t on cocaine, you shut your mouth.”

>> “Grits or hash browns honey? I think you want grits.”

Insulated Spirituality

As spiritual seekers, we can live such insulated, isolated lives, we forget what’s real and authentic in this world and within ourselves.

We have so many fancy, new-age, politically-correct catch phrases on the tips of our convoluted tongues, we have no idea how to live a real, authentic life. We just pontificate and regurgitate spiritual sugar all day.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

>> You’re allowed to be real while drenched in spiritual truths.

>> You’re allowed to be upset while processing your past and projections into the future.

>> You’re allowed to be fully and wholly pissed off—until one day you’re not.

>> You don’t have to be pretty or buttoned-up to appease some twisted Self-concept or reality.

>> You can just be you—walking gently toward expressing yourself, exhausting your ego, and finally healing.

Here’s the thing:

Your new-age therapist and politically-correct friends and family are living false lives. Their compassion is surface-level, and they have no idea how to be truly authentic and empathic. So, stop listening to them. They’ve led you so far astray, you’ll need a million frequent flier miles to get back home.

>> Get to the heart of what’s troubling you. Express it with all your might.

>> Scream loudly at the top of your lungs if you must.

>> Cry at the grocery store.

>> Throw a f*cking TV out the window.

Get it out of your system!

That’s why I love The Sedona Method and The Shankara Oracle—they push you to release, release, and release some more—all that is old and untrue in your life.

As I order my second cup of coffee here at the House, I have no idea the impact the caffeine will have on me. Somehow, their coffee breaks all the rules and pushes me into admitting things about how the reality of modern spirituality has gone dark and far astray.

We’re so concerned about pronouns and offending every soul in the pathetic aisle of life, we can’t get to our own authenticity—which means, we cannot heal.

We’re so oppressed within our temporary cultural, familial, societal, and personality constructs, we’ve nearly f*cked ourselves into not living at all.

Be yourself and everyone else will be fine. 

>> You need not appease every soul that cries an anthem—including your contrived Self.

>> You can break free of every limiting and oppressive aspect and start again.

>> You can immerse yourself in the pure explosive nature of your heart.

>> You can free your soul for all time.

It’s not rocket science—it’s simply giving yourself permission to live according to your soul’s desire to express and be free.

Releasing these aspects over time, you will naturally decompress and become more pure—because each release of something old and unvetted will eventually result in either suffering or illumination, both of which will inform and redirect you.

>> You are not relegated to feeling stifled or burned.

>> You are not required to follow the rules.

>> You do not need to box up your pure and wild nature to fall in line with a contrived, illusive, three-dimensional reality.

>> Your job is to allow and release your emotions, which stem from your thoughts.

Clearing these aspects, you make way for your purest and most profound Self.

This is why so many enlightened masters, including Osho and Chogyam Trungpa, were so confrontational and heavily invested in allowing your impulses and desires before stifling them.

Here’s the thing:

You have to let the cat out of the bag so it can breathe. Then you can take the cat to the vet. You can’t heal the cat while it’s suffocating in a sack. 

I’ve met plenty of new-age phonies and shallows so harshly caught up in their own contrived identities, you can tell they birthed themselves from a pink purple mermaid factory on Instagram. With little Self-inquiry and Self-honesty, they become stuck in a mirage.

Deeply fascinated with their Prana pants, trendy title, and imagined position in the marketplace, they lose all sense of their pure Selves and the original, ancient teachings around spiritual enlightenment. After a long journey of denying their truths, they become watered down, faux-spiritual barbie dolls.

There is no reason to listen to or follow these people. They are leading you to a completely contrived version of reality based in their false identities, exaggerated fears, and deep insecurities.

Here’s The Thing

>> You’re bigger and better than this.

>> You don’t owe anybody anything other than forgiveness.

>> You can forgive the world and finally become who you deeply desire to be.

Truly, you are born from the bosom of the wild, unpredictable, eternally expansive Cosmos, you are loved for all time—and you are unlimited in every direction.


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