February 20, 2024

I know you know but if you don’t know: this just saved my life.

And it might save yours, too.

Recently, I lost an election and found I had some time to spare. My amazing, veteran team at work (a site called Elephant, you might know it) had gotten used to my absence, so though I’ve leaned back in, leading the team and writing up a storm, doing some of our social media (13 million fans and readers and viewers are hungry!) and teaching writing, meditation, and doing interviews and offering mindful tips…let’s just say I had some spare time.

So I called up my Doctor, Dr. Tusek of Cloud Medical in Boulder. “I’ll have one of everything,” I basically said. I’d wanted to get a battery of tests a year earlier but was in my usual mode of working all the time overwhelm. This time, I was ready to follow through. I want to live well and long and healthfully, especially seeing as I want children and I’m 49.

One of the many tests I got was a colonoscopy, my first. It came up roses…kind of. They found four polyps, I think they’re called. Three were harmless, but we snipped off (my role: I got to groggily watch—no pain, pretty out of it, but interesting nevertheless). One, however, was akin to Trump in 2016…seemingly like the others, only bent on the future destruction of its host, over time. That’s a fancy way of saying pre-cancerous. Snip, it’s gone.

Get a colonoscopy. Save your life.

And oh, PS: I’ve fallen in love, and yeah—she wants (more, in her case) children, too.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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