February 12, 2024

To my Sad, Depressed Friends: 9 Uplifting Activities for your Soul.


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My heart goes out to you during this time.

Remember that you are truly powerful and will rise above this. And that everything is temporary, especially the things that trouble our minds and hearts.

I pray this article helps, as it was written with your healing and happiness in mind.

Let’s dive in together!

In moments when the shadow of sadness or the weight of depression loom, finding solace and light may seem daunting, almost impossible. Yet, the Universe, in its infinite wisdom and compassion, offers unique paths toward healing and happiness.

While the mind seems to basque in the projections and demands of the ego, we are far more expanded than this. In fact, the ego, as ancient as it is, is merely a contrivance built upon sand. Allow the past to be a canceled check, and rise into the awareness that we are pure consciousness.

While there are many pathways to sensing our pure nature, like meditation, chanting in Sanskrit, and selfless service, there are other wonderful things we can do to remember who we are and are not.

Here are a few of my atypical yet deeply uplifting activities to help lift your spirit. I wish you a gentle, healing embrace from the Divine Mother as you seek to awaken the infinite cosmos and eternal consciousness within you.

Dance Under the Moonlight

The Moon is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine Nature of the Universe. Let Her soft glow be your spotlight and the enchanting wind your music. Allow silence to awaken your inner master. Dancing under the night sky reconnects you with the Universe’s rhythm, reminding you that you have always been part of something vast, timeless, and beautiful.

Amid your dance with the Divine Mother of All, you might also whisper your dreams, hopes, and prayers to the stars. This act of vulnerability in the presence of the cosmos can be a powerful reminder of your connection to the infinite, with every star twinkling back to you with encouragement and affirmation of your eternal nature.

Rituals in Nature

Craft a natural mandala—an art piece that embodies your love of Mother Earth. Find a sweet and safe spot out in nature. Gather leaves, petals, stones, and twigs to create a mandala. This meditative act celebrates the impermanence of life and the beauty of the moment, guided by the gentle hands of the Divine Mother.

This might also be the time to release seven things that burden you and pray for seven things that you hope will free you. Allow forgiveness to be part of the mix.

Pen Letters to your Past and Future Self

Release your prior self through letters of forgiveness. Use The Sedona Method to allow and release emotions, which will, in turn, help you release prior temporary self-identities, attributes, attitudes, and beliefs. Amid this lovely ritual, write letters filled with hope, dreams, and kindness to your future self. Burn them all in a tin can and await the will of heaven.

This bridge carries through spacetime into the present moment of each of your personas, crafted by your own hand. It serves as a reminder of the enduring value of intention and divine action.

Embark on a Gratitude Walk

In the early morning, as the sun kisses the horizon and bursts forth with a reminder of your bright, effulgent nature, wander without a destination, mentally noting or whispering thanks for the small wonders you encounter. This practice opens your heart to the everyday miracles often overlooked, illuminating the path of joy and contentment.

You might find there are birds also awakening during this time. If so, join the morning chorus outside. Sitting and singing with the birds at the break of day is an ode to new beginnings and the endless opportunities each day holds, orchestrated by the Eternal Consciousness.

To confirm and edify your love of nature, dedicate a corner of your garden or balcony to the creatures of the earth. This nurturing act fosters a deep connection with nature’s resilience and the unconditional love of the Divine Mother.

Sing your feet into the soil and allow your body to consume Her nutrients. Reminding ourselves that we are dust and dirt to which we will again return can free us from the imagined doom permeating our minds and egos.

Ask the great divine light beings who rule the bird kingdom to bless your life and uplift your heart. Allow tears to flow so that you can create space within. With space, you remember your divine nature.

When you perform rituals in the woods, remember to leave a little chocolate hidden under a branch to feed the mystical and living beings a little joy.

The Shankara Oracle can help here as well. It’s a timeless divination system to help you heal deeply and illuminate you into seeing your self and reality for what they are.

Healing Herbs for the Heart

In the embrace of Mother Nature, there exist herbs that whisper healing to our hearts, guided by the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the ancient wisdom of herbalists.

Among these, motherwort stands out as a guardian of the heart, soothing emotional turmoil and enveloping you in the warmth of the Divine Mother’s love. For a time, motherwort can walk you into a sacred room filled with a calming peace.

Dragon Eye (Longan fruit), with its sweet warmth, nurtures the heart, offering comfort and a gentle lift from melancholic depths. It can also give you Qi (chi) required to express your emotions and rise from the root chakra and ego to your crown chakra and the light of the eternal Universe.

Other allies include hawthorn, revered for its heart-healing properties, and lavender, which calms the spirit. Rose, the flower of love, opens the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and a sense of peace.

Incorporating these herbs into your life through teas, tinctures, or simply their presence, can be a deeply comforting practice, a reminder of the earth’s nurturing embrace and the Divine Mother’s unconditional love.

As you explore these atypical paths to upliftment, remember that you are cradled in the arms of the Divine Mother, watched over by the vast, twinkling cosmos, and forever a spark of the Eternal Consciousness. In your journey through the shadows, may these practices be beacons of light, guiding you back to joy, peace, and the infinite embrace of the universe.

In the realm of holistic healing, our bodies are seen as landscapes rich with pathways to wellness, harboring the power to transform emotional pain into strength and clarity. In all, we must release, release, release—the past, the future, expectations, and our false selves.

Through specific body movements, acupressure points, and yoga practices, we can embark on a journey of healing from sadness and depression, guided by the wisdom of our own bodies and the ancient practices that honor them.

Body Movements and Acupressure Points

The point known as Pericardium 6 (PC6), located on the inner forearm three finger breadths below the wrist, is renowned for its ability to soothe the heart and calm the spirit. Gentle, circular pressure on this point can help alleviate emotional stress and induce tranquility.

Pressing your thumbs into the center of your hands can open the heart channel and help you release blocks that are mostly imagined. Most sadness and depression is the result of living far from the present moment amid a sea of assumptions and projections, all of which can be released through your diligence.

Movements that open the chest, such as gentle backbends or even standing stretches where the arms are swept overhead and then opened wide, encourage the release of tension around the heart. These stretches can physically manifest as an opening to release sadness and invite joy.

Yoga Practices

Kundalini Yoga is particularly effective in addressing emotional blockages. The transformative power of Kundalini Yoga, with its unique combination of movement, breath, and mantra, can awaken the energy centers (chakras) of the body.

The Breath of Fire, a rapid, rhythmic breathing technique, is especially potent for breaking free the fascia around the heart and root chakras, fostering emotional release and empowerment.

Yoga poses (or asanas) like Camel (Ustrasana), Cobra (Bhujangasana), and Bridge (Setu Bandhasana) are powerful heart openers that not only improve flexibility and strength but also promote emotional well-being by alleviating heaviness in the heart.

You can also rub your heart in counter-clockwise fashion to open your heart chakra. Once opened, gently massage it and ask the Divine to free your chakras from all that bind them. When you experience release, you can rub your heart in a clockwise direction to again protect it.

The Power of Forgiveness

Beyond physical practices, the act of forgiveness—toward ourselves and others—plays a crucial role in healing from sadness and depression. Holding onto grievances and regrets can bind us to our pain, but forgiveness is the key that unlocks the chains. It frees us from the past, allowing us to move forward with lightness and peace.

This emotional release is complementary to the physical practices, as both work toward the same goal: liberation from the weight of sadness and the journey towards emotional freedom.

The Sedona Method, created by Lester Levinsen, is quite remarkable in its ability to walk you into forgiving your self and others.

The Ho’Opononpono is quite magical as well. We imagine ourselves and others and we say: “I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.”

We might repeat this a hundred times before a tear emerges, and then all can be released. This ancient Hawaiian practice has freed millions of souls throughout time.

Karmic vs. Dharmic Paradigm Shift

Much of our pain is built upon the karmic relationships that we conjure, seek, attract, and often demand. Karmic relationships are built contractually—you do this for me and I’ll do this for you. While this works well in business, our most intimate relationships are best constructed from more durable material.

Dharmic relationships are built upon the premise that you are a servant to others. If you can find partners and friends who live from a place of service, then all actions and conflicts will resolve amid a co-interdependent understanding.

It’s no one’s fault that you are hurting. You had experiences which must be released—emotionally and intellectually. The stories that solidify your pain are built by mind and ego, not by spirit. What is true is never trivial, sensational, or egoistic. This type of fascia must be loved and massaged out of us.

Stop all expectations and demands. What you imagine to be yours is mostly illusion and never meant for you. This is the Dharmic Way.

Beautiful Soul, incorporating these practices into a regular routine offers a profound approach to managing sadness and depression. Kundalini Yoga and Breath of Fire, along with targeted acupressure and heart-opening yoga poses, work on the physical level to release emotional blockages.

And when combined with Lester’s The Sedona Method, the Connect & Let Go Process, the Ho’Oponopono, and The Shankara Oracle, you create a path to a sweet transformation, a deep release, and a profound awakening into your divine Self.

Embarking on this journey requires patience and compassion toward your self. It’s a process of uncovering, releasing, and ultimately transforming. As you navigate through these practices, be prayerful. Allow your spirit to call to the heavens in every realm and dimension, to invite the purest and most divine blessings from all light beings and awakened avatars throughout spacetime.


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