March 30, 2024

Embrace the Divine Magic of the Total Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Aries. {April 8}

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The Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries serves as a powerful reminder the plans of the universe are always far greater than your own.

“The Moon is teaching you, Darling. Breathe through the Eclipse.” ~ C. Crippen

April begins under the guise of Mercury retrograde in Aries calling you inward to reflect on the inner desires and dreams that you have repressed. This energy is meant to help you understand more deeply what your purpose is in life so that as the energy of the first week of April progresses you can consciously choose your fate and make the most of this brand-new beginning.

With Mercury retrograde in Aries, Venus—the planet of love and wealth—shifts into this passionate fire sign helping you remember what it is you love, and most importantly how to listen more intently to the call of your soul. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and not only marks the beginning of the astrological new year, but it is known for its intense, driven, motivated and leadership qualities, which means you will also be given all you need to use the immensely powerful energy for your full advantage.

As you prepare to welcome in the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries, you should do so with the belief that something important will be revealed and shift within your own life. And while in many ways you’ve had a lifetime to prepare, the energy of the first week of April is meant to help you reconnect with your individual and unique purpose that you came into this life to fulfill. This also serves as the reminder that to align more deeply with your soul isn’t just about taking action, but doing so for those events and opportunities that resonate the most deeply with your soul. Spend time reflecting in your journal regarding what dreams or ideas are now resurfacing, what direction you feel called to take in your life, and even where you are hoping your new beginning will occur.

Eclipses always happen in pairs, and so the Solar Eclipse is the mate to the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra that occurred at the end of March. Since that time, you’ve been within the Eclipse Portal, a magical time that is akin to the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland in which there is no telling where you’ll surface or even what will happen. Often, we can rebuke the unknown, becoming uncomfortable when too much seems to stand in limbo, but it’s within these very moments that anything becomes possible and you are given a chance to see how the universe is always working for you.

The Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon will peak in the evening hours of April 8, providing you the space to seize a new beginning in your life and rearranging the pieces of your life just so. While Lunar Eclipses govern emotional or mental shifts, the Solar Eclipse brings about changes to your external life where sudden opportunities arrive. These shifts can represent anything from career offers, financial windfalls, positive karmic payback, or even declarations of love depending on where Aries energy shows up in your natal chart.

Regardless of what your Sun or Rising Sign is, you have Aries energy somewhere in your chart. This is referred to as the houses in astrology, with each house governing over a particular theme in your life. Depending on what your Aries house governs over will affect how this eclipse manifests, but it is guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. The reason that this eclipse is being regarded as so important is that the North Node, ruler of your fate, is in the sign of Aries and is the ruler of this celestial event.

While the North Node will always direct you toward your fate, it will also ask that you learn the lessons of the South Node, which is often the place that is considered the soul’s undoing. The Libra Lunar Eclipse in March activated the South Node, and now as the Solar Eclipse is activated by the North Node in Aries you are being shown the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

But it’s important to remember it is also just the beginning.

The Nodes of Fate, which include both the South and North Node, shift signs every 18 months or so, changing your focus and ushering in a new phase of soul development. But there is also always a sneak peek of energy before the Nodes officially shift helping you gain an idea over what the new cycle will bring into your life. For the Aries and Libra cycle, reflect on the Aries Solar Eclipse in April 2023, which served as the sneak preview of what the next year will bring—and what you will be asked to focus on until the Nodes of Fate officially shift in May of 2025.

The universe never asks you to make a move you genuinely aren’t ready for, and though fears and self-doubt may try to persuade you otherwise, it’s important to practice an energy of trust around this lunation. Solar Eclipses do tend to bring surprise events, and this will also serve to be the only Aries eclipse for all of 2024, so its energy will be magnified, helping you to see so clearly that you can’t possibly ignore its divine gift.

Release any need to control anything and instead simply surrender knowing that the universe is always shifting things in divine timing and in the most magical way possible; you just need to look to the stars and remember you were born into this lifetime with a destiny all your own.

Themes For Enlightenment With The Solar Eclipse New Moon In Aries

Aries: Self-Growth

Taurus: Intuition and Dreams

Gemini: Wishes and Community

Cancer: Professional Success

Leo: Abundance

Virgo: Transformation

Libra: Romance

Scorpio: Boundaries and Peace

Sagittarius: Commitment and Joy

Capricorn: Family and Healing

Aquarius: Communication and Truth

Pisces: Wealth and Fame

Solar Eclipse New Moon In Aries Lunar Ritual

Begin by writing your intention on a piece of paper using a red pen or marker. As you write it, state it as if it is already the reality you are living by using “I am” statements, which is the most powerful sentence you can write because you create whatever comes after it.

After writing your intention, fold it three times a divine number, and wrap it around a piece of clear quartz for clarity and hang or place in a South facing window to honor the energy of fire and call in the transformation and action associated with manifesting your intention.

You can also use red tulips, clover, or ginger to help honor the energy of Aries and help with any intense feelings associated with this powerful celestial event.

As you go to sleep, repeat your affirmation eight times, helping to call in the abundance that is divinely meant for you.


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