March 4, 2024

Getting Grounded in Turbulent Times: 3 Ways to Start Now.

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The need to get grounded amidst the turbulent times we live has never been greater.

In its 2023 report on Mental Health Statistics and Facts, Forbes reported that anxiety disorders grew by 25 percent in 2023, with the highest rates of anxiety amongst young people ages 18 to 25, followed by those ages 26 to 49. In the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey, it was revealed that half (50 percent) of adults ages 18-24 reported having anxiety and depression symptoms.

Having once struggled with intense anxiety myself, I can completely empathize with and understand these struggles.

I feel so grateful today for the 13 years I have spent deeply studying Ayurveda, Yoga, and the universal Vedanta spiritual philosophy from the Vedic spiritual tradition in an oral lineage. In ancient wisdom traditions, lineage is the traditional vehicle through which transformative practices and insight are passed down, from one generation to another.

Studying ancient wisdom, and more importantly, actually practicing what I learned from others in the laboratory of my own life, has helped me feel much more grounded. Even in the face of the worst forms of betrayal and trauma that I experienced on my spiritual journey, I have been able to stay rooted in my strength, which has allowed me to experience powerful soul liberation in place of anxiety.

Here are some potent practices that helped me start to get more grounded in my own life, and that you can try to start your own path of powerful soul liberation.

1. Stand in Mountain Pose.

Standing in Mountain Pose is a simple antidote to the times when you feel totally powerless in your life and anxious as a result of not feeling tethered to anything. The most important thing you can do to reap the fullest benefits of this pose is to really connect with the stable, grounded, and uplifted qualities that a Mountain epitomizes. In the Vedic spiritual tradition, Mother Nature is represented by a goddess, named Shailputri, who is also known as the goddess of the mountains. This mother goddess personifies Mother Earth by being solid, strong, and dependable.

You can envision her within you as you stand straight. Or you can also close your eyes and envision a mountain. Imagine how sturdy and stable it is. You can then mentally tell yourself: “I am as stable as that mountain” and “I am safe, secure, and stable inside myself.” These affirmations help you connect with the spirit of the mountain. Connecting with the essence of Yoga practices helps you not only feel better physically, but also feel strong mentally and spiritually connected.

Focus on standing tall, with your feet rooted into the ground below you, and your shoulders back. Find one thing to stare at that is unmoving. Breathe deeply until you start to feel stronger, more confident, and more grounded.

2. Oil your feet before you sleep.

If you have trauma trapped in your body, and can’t shake your anxiety, try oiling your feet. Warm up sesame oil and then rub it into your feet. Go slowly to release any pent-up tension that may be stored in your feet. Move in a circular way around your joints, and go slowly. This practice will help you sleep peacefully at night and help you feel not only more grounded, but beautifully rejuvenated, too.

3. Eat more grounding foods.

This includes foods that are pure, unprocessed, and thereby full of prana (yogic vital life force). You can find fresh, seasonal foods that will refresh you mentally and make you feel more grounded physically and emotionally at your local farmers markets or community-supported agriculture (CS) organizations. You can gently cook your food in ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil with a few fragrant spices like fennel seeds, rock salt, turmeric, and cumin to add to their digestibility and deliciousness.

It is possible to get—and remain—grounded even in the midst of the turbulent times we live in.

It just takes a few small practices to powerfully start your journey toward feeling more peaceful, stable, and whole.


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