March 22, 2024

Waylon intros Kelsey, & they share their Love Story.

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

In the latest episode of Elephant’s long-running, award-winning podcast and video series Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, Waylon features his special friend, whom he’s been writing about for several months—Kelsey—and they tell their relationship story that brings, hopefully, real hope. 

“I was just trusting that things would unfold. I always felt like I would meet my person at some point, and didn’t wanna force it in any way. And also I knew that as a single parent…that would allow whatever sort of relationship was right to come into fruition.” ~ Kelsey Kraemer

“I had been engaged to a wonderful person during the Pandemic, and we broke up. I was super sad and feeling sorry for myself, somewhat understandably, I think. So I was almost the opposite of where you were at: I was not particularly focusing on creating a great life, which I’d done for many years, but I was actually, really, feeling despondent and—for me, actually—that was helpful, in a funny way.

I wrote in my first book, ‘I don’t think I’ll find love until my luck has run out completely.’

And I felt like I actually let go and gave up completely. And, from the Buddhist tradition…that’s a form of opening up completely. You don’t realize it at the time. You just feel empty. But I really gave up.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

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“I put up a Post up on Instagram, in my Stories, just saying, this is kind of who I am. This is what I’m looking for. And then I made that into a post ’cause the reaction was so big.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

“So my best friend sent me that Post. She’s like, I feel like he’s describing you, and the way that you’ve described a partner that you’d eventually like to be with. It seems all intertwined here in these words.” ~ Kelsey Kraemer

“I think part of the point of this video is not just to be happy and introduce Kelsey, which is beautiful, but we want to make other people feel happy and have genuine hope. And I think the lesson I learned is: just try to connect directly with your community.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

Reader Comments: 

“So great, thanks for sharing this guys! And thanks for spreading the happiness and hope…I think I will need to put out who I’m looking to connect with to the universe.” ~ @timkyne

“So beautiful Waylon. Happy for your love. And this makes me cry in the way that it’s good to touch into my own loneliness. Thank you for sharing your story.” ~ @katarina.here.and.now

“Watched this entire thing. Thanks for giving us all some hope!” ~ @tracilynrodgers

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