March 12, 2024

We won’t achieve Gaza – Israel Ceasefire by yelling “Genocide Joe.”

We won’t achieve Palestinian – Israeli Cease-fire through False Equivalence.

If you’re saying “Genocide Joe,” you’re feeding a President Trump reality—which will not aid the peace process.

Read the mostly sane, grounded, comments, here.

For those who want to avoid caring about this war, remember:

War, even more than Hate, is the opposite of Love, not just Peace. Safety is required to live a life full of Love:

Palestinian peace / meaningful ceasefire / anti-Bibi Jewish / anti-anti-Semitism / two-state solution activists—which should be all of us—do ourselves a disservice when we overlook the vast differences in Biden’s real-life deescalation approach (that’s help achieve some aid, limited ceasefires) with Trump’s “finish the job” anti-Muslim pro-demagogue approach.

Israel does have a right to defend itself, as would the US in similar circumstance. But—so does Palestine. We have to all acknowledge the decades of often-bigoted though understandably-fearful oppression by Israel, as well as Netanyahu’s deliberate weakening of the PLO as an alternative to Hamas.

But as long as this heartrending ongoing war crimes are the hands of extremists, no peace is possible. That includes activists who insist on seeing no difference between President Biden and President Trump.

Trauma is deep and will only get deeper without aid and with continued violence. The only path forward is lasting ceasefire, but that’s not achieved with hashtags or pins and slogans alone but by being willing to sit down and listen and talk and cement a lasting ceasefire.

Thoughts? I know I’m not the most educated on this, but I’m reading and watching daily, and I care.


Some comments from a recent NY Times op-ed by a Muslim-American mayor in Michigan angry at President Biden.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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