March 19, 2024

You Don’t Need to be Perfectly Healed.

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we can do all the right things
get up early, exercise, drink water
but not every day is wrapped up
neatly or nicely
some days are hard and tender
because we are human
not because we did something wrong.

we fall. we fear. we fly.

life is a kaleidoscope
success is not numbness
or a tightrope of perfection.
success is full bodied life
opening to feeling, to hurt, to joy, to learning.

instagram says we’re too much
and not enough
at the same time
disappear into a filter and cover your eyes
we need products and packages
to become something shinier. better.


we can’t avoid humanness
we can’t buy healing for $9.95
and it’s not real to be sparkly
and emotionally regulated at all times.
healing does not equal perfection
it never has.
we all have cracks and broken spots
even in happy times.

maybe we just want to feel alive
maybe what we really crave is growth
acceptance of the unknowns
the inevitable ups and downs
the gut-wrenching lessons
that bloom into wisdom
in their own time.

so here’s what i say
give me what’s human and messy
the wrinkles, the scars, the stories that span for miles.
the feelings. all of them.
the unkempt gardens and crooked floors.
i’ll take the tears and genuine laughter.
that’s what’s interesting. beautiful. substantial.
you don’t need to be perfectly healed.
there is no such thing.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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