April 15, 2024

Scorpio Full Moon: Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. {April 23}


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Something is stirring in the shadows. In the darker unseen realms of hidden mystery, of truths that have been veiled and concealed from public and collective viewing.

But light is accelerating at even faster rates now. Light is awakening and shadows are coming out from their hiding places, wriggling and squirming in futile attempts to not be seen.

This is the path of awakening consciousness. A path we are all on, individually and collectively, within and without. As we awaken to shadow afoot in the fabric of our global, cultural, and political structures, so too do we awaken to the hidden shadows within the self.

More truth is bubbling up to the surface at this time. Hollywood exposure of pedophile vermin and vile nature seeping out of the swamps now to be seen for the foul nature they are and the harm that has been caused on a deep, foundational level to children through the traumatization and grooming of their innocent, God-given nature. And this is just the tip of the large iceberg of more sadistic, downright abusive crimes. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see now that we have all been duped to some extent, made to believe one thing when a whole other beast of an animal has been governing our world.

This is Scorpio energy. The purge. The swamps clearing. The alchemy of shadow back into light. The transmutational ability to turn tar into gold. But first we must see it. Be willing to see the truth for what it is, no matter how ugly it is or how much it conflicts with our prior belief systems. Scorpio energy is not afraid to go into the depths of the subconscious to expunge the insidious aspects and allow for soul purification.

Scorpio energy is a welcomed energy, even if it can feel intense to go to those dark and twisty places within the self and psyche. But we must keep gathering the courage in the face of fear to do so. As much as we feel the fear, we must also keep rising to the occasion to transmute the fear back into power. True, unwavering divine power.

This is Pluto energy, co-ruler of Scorpio, along with Mars. Pluto is the soul power. The soul leader. Here to empower us to transform and heal in ways that rarely feel comfortable or good at the time. But the power we receive after the underworld journey is unlike any other because it’s our own. Scorpio is the underworld journey into the psyche to weed out the fears by moving directly into and through them.

A full moon in Scorpio will be illuminating the skies and cosmos as well as our inner landscapes on April 23 at 7:49 p.m. EST and at 4 degrees of the water sign. This full moon is coming after some huge transits of energies that we have moved through these last few weeks. We have made it through the thick of the eclipse energies, emerging onto the other side of the cosmic portal, a little worn for the wear, but deeply and profoundly purified like a diamond emerging from the blackened coal of smolder and ash.

We still are moving through the shards of these eclipse cycles and waves, which will continue to integrate and reveal what needs to be seen, released, and healed these next six months. So be so patient with yourself and your process. Some days, the wave may rise high up to the blissed out, all-is-love, oneness of divine union wonder and magic. Other days, still the wave may drop us into the energies of depression, pain, wounding, and despair. Trust and know it’s all a part of these times.

On April 8, the solar eclipse and new moon in Aries greeted us with a huge wave of emotional healing and purging. This eclipse was significant because it was directly conjunct to the exact degree point to Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron energy is all about taking us to the depths of our wounds and traumas to heal what needs to be healed usually by feeling as if the pain or affliction will overtake us or that this wound is our true identity.

Chiron is the spiritual shaman, here to shake, rattle, and roll us into mush and goo so we can truly know and understand the pain, its origin, and how to heal the root of it. It’s the deepest love for the human and soul journey, even if it feels ego- and soul-crushing being in Aries, ruler of the ego and the physical body.

Many souls have been navigating physical, health, and dis-ease crises with Chiron in Aries for a few years now. It’s been intense as f*ck. And brought us to our knees many days and times, pleading for relief and escape from these physical vessels that truly are mirroring back to us the inner dis-ease and emotional toxicity of parasitical nature usually.

Our energy has been preyed and fed on since we were born and without conscious soul autonomy to set boundaries with, because we were young sponges soaking up the programs and conditioning of our family and the world around us.

We all have wounds and traumas. No one is immune to that. We all have places that are still aching and healing. And it doesn’t ever mean we are unworthy of love, connection, or belonging because those may in fact be exactly what we need to heal. Perhaps that unworthiness is the most insidious lie and wound within many of us. So we must actively choose and reach for connection when our traumas and wounds scream to run in the opposite direction, into the abyss of self-isolation, shame, and spiral of depression.

This wound integration will take some time. And we must cultivate ample amounts of patience for the body and self still healing. In fact, as long as we are alive and breathing, we will always be healing. Because we are becoming whole, remembering our innate wholeness amidst the cracks we feel within the self from our unique and varied wounding and traumas.

Aries season was full of fire and charge but also a slowing down happened, as Mercury, ruler of the mind, technology, and communication stationed retrograde on April Fools’. And no, it was not a joke. This slow down has helped the energy feel a bit more manageable and will be aiding us in this reflective time period until it stations direct April 25, two days after the full moon. Allowing us to truly get clear on our truths and what needed to be communicated. A time to go inward and be with the mental stirrings and whirlings. We also have had Venus in Aries, bringing directness and passion back to our relationships and a deeper sense of self-value and worth.

Communication has felt pointed and direct in a significant manner, helping many of us communicate clearly our boundaries, needs, truths, and feelings in our relationships with less fear of ridicule, rejection, or not being understood. Aries has brought the directness needed to get clear as glass what we want, need, and when we need clarification in our communication and connection with others. It’s brought courage and bravery to the forefront.

Taurus season begins April 20, which brings a welcomed slow down. With the sun in Taurus, we are encouraged to connect to the earth, to the nature elements, to what truly grounds, nourishes, and sustains us. To reconnect with the simple pleasures of life, no matter all the reasonings why we shouldn’t. To take that trip to the beach to clear our energy and spirit. To experience touch in a safe and self-honoring way. To slow down and connect with the senses. And nature is usually the doorway. As well as the body. Two direct portals back to the here and now. So we can use the energy of Taurus to ground us back into the body and let pleasure guide us home, even if pain still speaks louder some days.

Some of us have believed ourselves to be unworthy of pleasure and goodness, but this simply is not true and usually based on wounding or conditioning. Slowly opening back up to pleasure in safe and manageable ways is helpful here. A hug from a friend. Slowing down to truly taste our food. Feet in the sand, eyes on the horizon scanning around us, activating the Vagus nerve to elicit calm and connection, tethering back to oneself and to a felt sense of safety, feeling the gentle sea breeze caress our hair, hearing laughter of children teasing the ocean edges with their dancing to-and-fro in and out of the water. Activate the senses in the ways that serve you best to bring grounding and healing.

This Taurus energy will be opposing the Scorpio full moon, a needed earthly balance to the deep waters of Scorpio. Scorpio is associated with the archetypal energies of the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix. The scorpion crawls in humility, belly to the earth in devotion to what makes us so very human, our most basic and survival impulses. Our gut instincts and primal responses. Not bad. Not less than. But perhaps less evolved. In this stage of Scorpio energy, we can stay enslaved to our survival mechanisms no matter how outdated they are and even if they aren’t serving us anymore. A prisoner to our impulses. To do what we need to do to survive. To act on impulse and desire without filtering it through the lens of higher consciousness and evolved wisdom.

Scorpio often gets associated with sex and intimacy as a potent source of its power. Those growing in integrity and self-responsibility of their sexual, creation energy know that it is the easiest way for us to leak our energy and get mixed up in energies of others that can greatly dim our light and power. Sexual energy is creation energy. It is powerful and as sovereign growing souls it is up to us to discern who we want to share that energy with.

Scorpio meshes and intertwines energies with other. So healthy boundaries are key as we continue to step into soul sovereignty. The eagle stage awakens the lower survival impulses of the scorpion to higher elevated knowing and being. To rise up into freedom and divine connection to all that is. To grow the wings needed to soar as we become spiritually mature and evolve.

And next comes the phoenix rising. The eagle not afraid to have gone into the fires to purify the remnants of shadow and false conditioning. To bravely step into the fires of transformation and know that we will change form and that it is safe to do so. In fact, changing form is Scorpio’s medicine. In its medicine bag it carries the truth that all life is change, and all life changes form, as do we. We die and are reborn as something else. And that can feel threatening if we’ve built false identification to one form as opposed to another.

So, Scorpio’s endless invitation—and specifically through this full moon portal—is to encourage us to release attachment to one particular form. And let the energy of transformation take us into the next needed form and iteration of self, job, body, relationship, and soul trajectory. A higher soul path taking form now. And we must keep trusting it and surrendering deeply to it. And meeting the parts of self along the way that are afraid, exhausted, hopeless-feeling, and in apathy.

Hold them close. Tell them: “I see you. I hear you. I am here with you now. You are not alone anymore. You are not without support and love anymore. I will not abandon you this time.”

We will be having a rare conjunction on April 20, just three days before the full moon. Jupiter in Taurus will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus. This transit happens once every 14 years so is a potent opportunity to tune in and receive the visions and upgrades. It’s always a co-created experience, working with the cosmology and not a cause/effect relation.

Jupiter brings the expansion, growth, and abundance. Uranus breaks things down, revolutionizes outdated aspects, and brings in the inner rebel energy to grow and not give a f*ck what others might think. Jupiter says to open up to possibility of what could be. Uranus says to let it be different and outside the norm or status quo. Uranus and Jupiter are like the match and the sparkler meeting in the sky and giving us the bedazzling experience of cosmic fireworks, a soul viewing of the radiance and magic of breaking free and out of the known.

So tune in and open up to these energies, setting your sight and vision on new horizons opening up to you for growth and evolution.

This full moon in Scorpio will be square to Pluto in Aquarius. The sun in Taurus will be square to Pluto as well. Pluto energy is deep soul transformation. Deep soul empowerment by first feeling where we have felt powerless and untethered from our own divine power. Bringing a tension point to perhaps where we deeply fear to go being the exact place we need to face and transform.

Pluto doesn’t play and gets straight to the guts of the matter. Are you hiding still from your power as a divine co-creator? Are you still playing it small in fear of what you could become? Are you still holding onto shame and self-judgement that’s felt safer than stepping into your full authentic self and power?

Pluto and Scorpio bring the alchemy and all we have to keep doing is showing up and surrendering. Of course, that’s the hardest part.

Addictions can be ensnaring us still, but weakening their grip as we heal and dive deep, and parasitical energies still wanting to snag us, but we can see them now. We have the higher awareness of the soul guiding us now. We must rise like the phoenix we are already becoming, out of the ashes from the fire meant to burn us alive. But we have been transformed so deeply and have become something entirely new. It’s okay if that feels weird, scary, and disorienting some days. And ego crushing other days. Or wound-igniting and ensnaring. This is the path of soul awakening. And we are all on it whether we know it or want to believe it.

Let the shadows of the world be seen by the illuminating light within you. Let the shadows within be witnessed by this same light. Let judgment fall away a little bit more as self-compassion roots deeper in your body and being as the new template. Fear is just a voice. One of many. It is just an energy we can give power to or not. We can lessen its power as soon as we turn toward it and face it head-on. No more running. No more hiding from the divine power within us. It’s time to co-create with it. Becoming the soul leaders here to shift the fabric of this planet from darkness back into the light of truth.

Let this full moon awaken you to your inner growing and strengthening power. Your inner cauldron of truth. Your inner fire awakening again. Your inner eagle. Your inner scorpion. And your inner phoenix. All forms worthy of being witnessed and deeply honored for the purpose they served throughout your journey of soul becoming.

Let yourself rise up into the new form. Take the new form. Stumble into the new form. Keep shaking out the old form. Release. Release. Release. And bloom. Rebirth yourself as many times as needed. Becoming. The. Soul. You. Always. Were. Becoming. Blooming. Blossoming. Rising. Phoenix. Of power. And mystique. Rise. Rise. And awaken. Back. Into. Light. Out of shadow. Light of the rising sun. You. Are.


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