April 24, 2024

“Why do they only remember Islam when they see a woman.”

“Pakistani reporter confronts man who tries to cover her hair with a scarf.”

“Why do they only remember Islam when they see a woman,” is genuinely so powerful. ~ Comment

This is real bravery.

“They always seem to forget that islam asks men to lower their gaze in the same sentence it asks women to cover their hair. Its about modesty and respect. But she is very right in that Pakistani men’s Islam always starts and ends with women cover hair. Or women, period.” ~ comment

Genuine Islam is love. This guy…

“Let’s just appreciate the courage of this woman without resorting to derogatory stereotypes or attacking anyone else. There’s few other women around her to support her and she challenges this man and a million others who’ve seen this just with the strength of her ideas.”

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Read 1 comment and reply

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