April 16, 2024

Worshipping of the Crystal Church.

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The stunning, polished, bigger-than-normal dome-shaped Amethyst crystals displayed in crystal shops are known as churches.

A glimmering crystal church of such beauty can be compared to Christ consciousness—pure, non-contaminated—until we dig it from its natural resting place deep within in the earth where it has laid for centuries in peace and quiet.

Then the day came where it was grabbed from the bowels of Mother Earth to be cut, polished, and warn as body jewellery or to displayed and admired in our homes.

The sparkle lures you in like a month to a flame as if you are enchanted and compelled to fall in love with them, buy them, own them.

For me, it became an addiction of sorts. To know the different types, their properties, being able to tell which is real and fake. For example, did you know Natural Citrine is formed by the gradual heating of Amethyst, and Howlite coloured blue to make you think you are buying turquoise? What a con. Yet, a newfound religion.

We tell ourselves they help us, heal us, realign what’s out of balance.

Sure, I have built crystal grids in the past, and what was focused upon manifested within a week, but that’s not my point. It was a recent trip to Glastonbury which made me realise how we have thrown all our beliefs of God and what He represents out the window.

Let’s pause here for a second. Yes, I know that the church be a sheep in wolf’s clothing, the opposite of good and loving, but let’s all imagine it’s still pure for the sake of this article as God should be pure in essence. But instead of the people flocking to churches of God, hundreds of people flock to crystal shops, spending thousands of pounds on items we have defined as spiritually beneficial, helping us to connect to our true higher selves.

I am spiritual, but what does that mean? And there is no straight answer, as there are a million points which can be made. Although, I think it all comes down to peace and love for all living things upon this earth.

Being brought up as a Christian and having questions about God and Universe, but unable to find those answers in the Church at a young age, I turned to Spirituality. Religion boxed me in. So, it took me to discard all I had been taught and approached life with an open heart and mind about what the differences are between religion and spirituality and what it means being spiritual. I went as deep and as far as one could go, but slowly, I’m digging myself out of that hole where I once began a decade or so ago, asking myself: “Do I need all these crystals, or were they just part of the process of getting to know myself and my journey as a human being walking upon this earth?”

The one thing spirituality has taught me is to not fear death.

Our loved ones who have crossed over from this world to the next never leave our side.

We are eternal.

Of course, we all have our own beliefs and mine is just one point of view, and the conclusion is this: like so many, I was looking for things outside of myself with mantras such as: Crystals, “heal me.”  Aromatherapy, “rebalance me.” Pharmaceutical drug, “fix me.” Whereas now, I turn to prayer and meditation.

I don’t have anything bad to say about western medicine as that too has helped many, myself included. The aim for me was to reevaluate how much responsibility I was owning or whether I was waiting for something external, outside of myself, to give me the answers I was looking for.

This is our journey and ours alone, but it doesn’t have to be one we walk alone. We are never alone as we are beautifully guided by the hand of God, or maybe we can call it the Higher Self—whichever word you are more comfortable using.

The world has become a dark place in parts and the only way it can be saved is to not be shy about our beliefs in fear of being prosecuted.

Let’s shine our light and speak our truth and own that which we have been avoiding.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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