May 14, 2024

4 Tools for Unlocking our Energetic Potential (Without the Need for Shields or Protection).

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My eyes were sweltering with tears after just leaving three gorgeous humans at the airport, yet my heart felt this butterfly-ish, expansive openness.

After just returning from leading a women’s retreat, I walked in the door feeling as if I was almost floating. The dogs came rushing to greet me with their tail wags and slimy licks, almost knocking me over with their 30-pound doodle snuggles.

As I unloaded the car, I found myself humming, dancing, and feeling my heart space open even more.

After about five minutes, my husband came down and greeted me with a welcome back kiss, and then moments later our son came in and greeted me with a beautiful smile and hug.

It was a joy to see them after five days of being away, yet something just felt off.

Was it because they were expecting me later? Or perhaps they were preoccupied with what they had going on: a workout and homework?

The vibe was calm, peaceful, and yet different than what I just came from. After a few moments of feeling into the space I asked, “Is everything okay and all well?!” They shared a confused look, chuckled a bit, and responded “Of course!”

In that moment, as I looked at them, it struck me that the energetic essence of the retreat hadn’t dissipated—it had simply shifted shape. The love and positivity that had filled me to the brim during those five days persisted.

I realized it wasn’t about them—it was was about me. The energy I had just experienced at the retreat was so vibrant, so electrifying, coming back to the quiet rhythm of home felt like a gentle descent.

It wasn’t good nor bad, and I didn’t feel one was better or worse…it was just different.

The retreat was a space where vibrant energy flowed freely. Eight ladies participated, all of different ages, backgrounds, and frequencies. We circled every morning, moved our bodies, shared in purposeful work, enjoyed clean food together, expanded in deep belly laughter, danced in the kitchen with spatula microphones, and supported one another during enriched healing.

We all came from different locations, backgrounds, and even beliefs, yet we were each received and seen in all ways. It was heart-expansive.

I had spent five days in a whirlwind of connection, acceptance, growth, and transformation, and while home was a sanctuary of love, stability, and routine, the vibe was simply a shift. And I could feel it.

It wasn’t about trying to recreate the high-vibe atmosphere of the retreat at home; it was about recognizing that the same energetic radiance that had fueled those heart-beaming moments were alive and well within me. And I could now share that with my family, within our home, with friends, and use it to fuel my every day.

And I did just that when I returned. We spent the rest of the day together in peace and shared love. We went out to lunch, took a beautiful scenic drive, stopped for ice cream, and then had a giggle-filled movie night.

The journey was affirmative and reflective. I held appreciation for the beautiful experiences, and how far I have come as a practitioner and retreat leader. I used to be tired and take several days off to rejuvenate. Now I felt energized and truly filled. I hopped back into work the next day, happily!

Our experiences are truly shaped by the vibrational frequencies that surround us. From the subtle currents that flow through our bodies to the dynamic energies dancing around us, each moment presents an opportunity to attune ourselves to the rhythm of our life journey.

As Albert Einstein said:

“Everything in life is vibration. Every thought, every emotion, every action emits its own unique frequency, influencing the world around us and shaping our reality. Understanding and harnessing the power of these vibrations can unlock profound insights into the interconnectedness of all things and empower us to create positive change within ourselves and the world.”

When we commit to keeping our vibrational frequency high and flowing well, we flourish in alignment with our true essence. We transcend the need for external protection, we recognize others cannot dictate our emotional responses, and we reclaim our sovereignty over our inner world.

This is all an inside job, and from my perspective, when we address “energetic hygiene,” it’s an easy task to master!

There is no doubt we will all encounter various energetic frequencies, each influencing our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. At times, we find ourselves enveloped in the buoyant currents of high vibrational energy, while other moments may see us navigating through denser, slower-moving energies.

If we can be alert to signs of energetic imbalance, and be empowered with awareness and intention, we can engage in practices that cleanse and elevate our vibrational frequency, inviting greater clarity, vitality, and joy into our lives.

Recognizing the signs of energetic imbalance is the first step toward reclaiming our energetic sovereignty. Here are some subtle indicators:

Physical Spaces: Disorganization, water leaks, dying plants, old food being kept, mold, constant electrical or appliance malfunctions, unexplained drafts or temperature fluctuations in certain areas of the home, difficulty maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, persistent conflicts among household members, feeling a sense of discomfort when entering certain rooms.

Body: Feeling constantly fatigued, lacking motivation, digestive issues (such as bloating, gas, or constipation), constantly dropping things, losing balance, increased susceptibility to illness or frequent infections.

Mind: Difficulty concentrating, brain fog, mood swings, irritability, tendency to gossip, pointing blame, negative thought patterns.

Connection: Feeling disconnected, doubting everything and everyone, existential questioning, lack of inspiration or creativity, difficulty experiencing joy or gratitude, loss of interest in spiritual practices or rituals, struggling to find meaning or purpose in daily activities.

Empowered with awareness, we can engage in practices that cleanse and elevate our vibrational frequency, inviting greater clarity, vitality, and joy into our lives:

Address Physical Spaces: Declutter living and working environments, burn pure and clean beeswax candles, cut up limes and put them out in the home, sweep the floors, talk to the “Spirit of the home,” use essential oils known for their purifying properties, and bring in healthy plants to enhance the flow of positive energy throughout the space.

Address the Body: Take time for self-care practices such as Epsom salt baths to release energetic residue and promote relaxation, explore energy healing modalities, get rid of clothing that doesn’t make you feel good, wear colors that help you feel happy and light, nourish with high-vibrational foods, and stay hydrated to support overall health and well-being.

Address the Mind: Cultivate a regular meditation, mindfulness, or breath work practice, use visualization techniques to release limiting beliefs and stuck energy, practice gratitude to shift the mindset toward abundance and positivity, and try out new modern-day bio hacks, like BrainTap for example.

Address Connection: Engage in spiritual practice, connect with nature to deepen connection to the Divine, practice trusting inner guidance, and practice energetic hygiene techniques like cord dissolving (NOT cord cutting) to release any energetic attachments that no longer serve. While the idea of cutting cords can be supportive, it’s imperative energetic cords are not “cut” but dissolved and the roots removed. This is an energetic hygiene practice anyone can try. (If this calls to you, I have a free meditation to help you go deeper).

If these insights resonate with you, I would love to hear from you! I invite you to further explore your journey of energetic renewal. When we pay attention, we can shine brighter and illuminate the world with a more authentic version of ourselves and live in more joy and love.

In close, I embrace the beautiful paradox: the retreat may have ended, but the journey continues. And as long as I remain open to the ebb and flow of life’s ever-changing energy,  I know that love and flow will always find their way back to me, no matter where I am or what I am doing. That is true for you as well!


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