May 15, 2024

Sagittarius Full Moon: Expansion of Self. {May 23}

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We are powerfully upgrading.

We are clearing old energies. We are moving into higher time lines. We are receiving intense activations of light onto the planet.

So much energy is moving and transmuting in and through us. We could be feeling a lot. From heaviness and deep emotional purging to ecstatic bliss, surging of electricity, pulsating waves of light, and energy of love, inspiration, and expansion. It’s all a part of these times. And grounding our energy down into the earth and into our bodies is becoming more and more crucial.

We came here to be embodied. To be in these bodies. To breathe into these bodies. To live from these bodies. We know when we are on overload or pushing too far, too wide when anxiety and our nervous systems communicate back to us their messages. Panic. Too far. Too fast. Too soon. Must slow down.

We are all vortexes of energies. Spinning. Spinning faster and faster now. It’s a surging of energy along this ascension journey. We must sink deeper into these bodies to purge the stagnant DNA that’s been running us for eons. The traumas. The conditioning. The programming. The outside influences into our vortex of pure source energy. It’s all happening for us. It’s all a part of the awakening journey to our genius, to our source codes, to our soul codes. To our own power. As co-creators of life intelligence. But we must become free first, by remembering we are inherently born free and remain free. It’s only through belief that we are anything but.

But we are rewriting our beliefs now. Our sacred stories. The subliminal messaging that tells us we are not enough. We are flawed. We are lacking. We are without. These are the stories we’ve assimilated into our bodies and DNA, not by sovereign choice either. And yet our souls did choose it. We chose to be incarnated at a time when the density would threaten to sink us. When the fear and doom would scream louder than the songs of hope and renewal. Our souls knew what they needed to evolve and expand back into source. And to assist the awakening of the planet.

We are becoming more of our authentic soul selves than ever before. And this means clearing out outdated beliefs in ourselves of being broken or damaged goods. This is the energy of the awakening soul. Of the expanding soul. Of the newer belief in soul as whole and powerful.

This is Sagittarius energy. The expansion. The soul blossoming into new updated belief in self. The archer setting the bow in the direction of future soul potential, taking aim and firing. This is where we are headed. Fueled by the energy of growing self-belief. That we can become the souls we were meant to become. In this lifetime. In this embodiment. Even if it’s taken twists, turns, detours, and beyond-belief challenging circumstances to set us free. Freedom has always been a worthy remembrance. And for that, we thank the death and rebirth cycles for setting us truly free.

This energy will be blooming and illuminating us for the upcoming Sagittarius full moon, landing on May 23 at 9:54 a.m. EST and at 3 degrees of the mutable, fire sign. A bold, expansive energy to culminate the energies at play already. We have had 19 X-class solar flares in 2024 already, 13 of them happened during the second week of May. To put that in perspective, in total last year, we had 13 for the entire year. So, there is a lot of light and charge coming onto the planet, for the awakening of all.

But, it can feel overwhelming if our bodies are already over-taxed and overburdened by density of fear they’re trying to clear out. It can feel exciting and invigorating. We can feel our bodies totally zapped and exhausted. Like we couldn’t move if we wanted to. This can be challenging for the hyper-masculine conditioned of us who have learned to just keep pushing through. Leaning into our needs right now on a physical, mental, and emotional level is super vital in staying as balanced as we can while we assimilate and integrate these energies.

Taurus season aided in this deeper embodiment and slowing down energy to connect with our bodies and selves. But now things are kicking into high gear again with the sun’s transition into airy, mutable, fast-moving Gemini energy on May 21, just two days prior to this full moon.

Gemini season can uplift us from the weight of density we’ve been feeling. It can propel us into excitement and curiosity, and streamline us into the clouds to think about what’s possible and what ideas we are wanting to connect with and generate. It can feel a bit ungrounded though in excess. Like we are running faster and faster until we can no longer feel our feet on the ground. The head gets cloudy and the channel becomes foggy. That’s a pointed sign in our energy field to slow down, reconnect, and get rooted. So those Gemini energies can flow smoothly in the mental realm.

Communication could be amplified here too and seeing where we need to fine-tune our communication and words with others to effectively express the message. Gemini energy is the messenger. But we must be connected to the authentic self if we want to communicate from the higher vantage point of expression. Gemini energy in its highest is lightness, fun, exploration of the mind, play, and duality. It’s exploring with the mind where we’d like to go. The shadow side is overthinking, analysis paralysis, and too much activity swirling in the energy field to stay focused. Gemini energy in its excess can think itself into a state of indecision and second-guessing every move it makes.

But, we now have Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, out of its shadow period, which aids in clearer and effective communication with others, the mind coming back online and technology and travel matters smoothing out some. It’s been a ride and it isn’t over yet. But when is it really going to get less intense these days? The solar flares combined with Pluto newly in retrograde motion since May 2, where it will stay until October 11, brings the heat internally speaking.

Pluto is all about connecting with our source of power. With our power grid. The true source of our power: the divine soul source. Pluto retrograde takes us deep, into the underworld, into the realms of the unseen, to show us the gifts that lay there for us if we have the courage to claim them.

We are all becoming so much more tapped into our power these days. And that is a welcomed energy. Realizing no one, no thing, no habit, no substance, no identity, no government has true power over us. It was only just us believing they did. Pluto awakens us to the soul journey. Through the mud to become the lotus. And it can be hard, heavy, and challenging at times. But Pluto wants deep soul transformation and has the fiercest Kali love for our human experience to know sometimes we need those dark nights of the soul to shake us awake. To step into our power fully and say, “No more! No more playing it small. Staying stuck in places I don’t belong. Staying where the fullness of me and my light is disregarded at every turn, diminished, and scrutinized. I belong to myself. I belong to my soul. And that has always been my true source of power.”

This Sagittarius full moon is here to support that soul mission. To expand us back into possibility of what could be. Of who we are soul-becoming. Sagittarius is Gemini’s counter part. Here to bring us into the direct experience of life, out of just the thought about it.

Sagittarius energy is fire. Motivated. Purposeful. Has a target it is aiming for and goes after it. Optimistic. Warm. Hopeful. Sagittarius is about exploration and travel, setting out into the unknown and exploring uncharted territory for no other reason than the delight and excitement that particular venture brings us.

You might quite literally be traveling to a new place around this time window. Seeing and experiencing new worlds previously unknown to you. Embracing the adventure that is life. No longer being afraid of the new, but harnessing the new as exactly what we need to grow beyond our comfort zone. Getting comfortable in the growth edges of life. Because truly, it is all a deep adventure for and of the soul in this human incarnation. Even if our human has its moods, perspectives on how things should go, and expectations. Sagittarius connects us to our beliefs. What belief structures have been governing us? Are they truly in service to our souls now? Can we even believe in the possibility of believing something new and different about ourselves or the world? Play with it. Make it fun. Make it an adventure, Sagittarius says, because why the hell else are we here?

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter wants our highest growth and expansion. Jupiter wants to bless us with the abundance that is our birthright. We just have to have the space to receive it and be divinely in alignment with that source energy. Jupiter has been on its own journey in the sign of Taurus for the last year, showing us the needed foundations to grow and prosper. What resources and support did we need to align with to bring in the fruitions and harvest of all that’s just been waiting and gestating behind the scenes to be delivered in the right time? This transit brought growth. It brought a new, growing foundation of stability. New seeds we have been planting to feel truly secure and valued in our energy and where we are. It could have brought excess as well, and shown us where we’ve been hoarding energies (food, things, money, and so on). Too much of something clogs up the pipes so we needed to see where we have been holding on out of fear of lack and scarcity.

Jupiter will be completing its journey through Taurus, at the final and critical 29th degree before it transitions into Gemini on May 25. Thus, will begin a whole new cycle of energies. An expansion of the mind. Of our mental faculties. Of our ideas. Of new ideas. Of what’s possible to create in the mental realms. A boom to our communication sectors. A blasting off of new outlets and channels of communication. We will feel a palpable shift in our ability to express and communicate the needed soul messages at this time with others. Sharing of ideas will also be a huge highlighted theme over this next year. Collaboration even too. Of course, with all things Jupiter, there can be excess, so we must stay vigilant in our minds when they are overrun with too much activity and need a break.

Sagittarius energy grants us the freedom to see the higher vantage point of wisdom. To honor the soul’s journey of incarnation. To see and witness ourselves fully for how much we’ve truly grown, shed, evolved, and learned these past few years of deep transformation. Because we have all been on a journey. Of reclaiming our soul’s truth. Of embodying our soul’s truth. Of becoming the embodied version of our unique God fingerprint. It’s been a many-year process still unfolding about coming into deeper alignment with our souls. Can we truly honor where we are? Even if there’s still more we desire? Because at one point, we did desire the creation and manifestation we are living. And there is so much beauty in acknowledging that wholeness in what is already here within us and in our creations.

This full moon is a further expansion of self. Even if the edges we are growing into make us squirm, squeal, and still give us a fright sometimes. We are meant for more. And our souls know this. More abundance. More love. More healing. More hope. More joy. More beauty. The full moon will be sextile to Pluto. A supportive energy to keep us on that transformation journey. To check in and applaud the self for choosing to grow and transform in the face of all the fear and inner doubt. That’s our power. Our emotional power to align with love instead of fear. Pluto will be trine the sun here also. A deepening of our personal power and authority over our lives and creations. A strong and invigorating influence of empowerment. Because we truly can rise above adversity and hardship, even if we have to do so thousands of times to remember how powerful we truly are.

The world is a stage set to ensnare us in the belief that we are powerless. This is the trick. And the trap. And the needed conditions to set the stage of soul empowerment by first showing us all the ways we feel without. Maybe we’ve handed that power over to another to make us happy. To a corporation to bring us financial abundance. To a thoughtform or habit that makes us feel in service to it. Pluto says, “Reclaim your power from your out-sourcing sources bent on you staying small, without, and lacking.”

Mars in Aries will be conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, a week after the full moon, which can be a time where we need to slow down and be cautious of physical injuries and accidents. Pay attention. Stay aware. Not out of fear but awareness of energy. We are still soul-focused on that Aries north node, the guiding light pushing us to expand into future sovereign self, a more expanded version of self.

These times are critical. And crucial for us to fully awaken to all that we are. We need each other. We need our community of souls also awakening. We are all on different timelines and trajectories too, some faster, some slower. And it is all as it needs to be to assimilate into consciousness. Be patient with your own journey and becoming. You never need to be anywhere other than where you are. Allow what you desire to inspire you into what’s still possible. Because limitation is what we have learned. Expansion and possibility is actually where we come from, true source creative energy. And we all carry this within us. Even if it’s been layered over with conditioning and fear. It’s still within us and available.

So keep choosing you. Keep aligning with your soul. Keep envisioning your most optimal state of well-being, health, joy, love, and truth. This is how we heal and uplift the world out of darkness and shadow. Stay close to your dreams. Stay rooted in your heart. Believe it is possible for you.

Allow this full moon to expand your sense of belief in self. Heart awakening energies are here to guide and assist you. Let the emotional purging be the direct channel to God. Let the heaviness you feel some days be a reminder that lightness is on the other side. We must know one to know the other.

Let this full moon awaken your shakti. Awaken the shiva within you. Spiral the kundalini life force within you, up, up, up, and down into the core of you. Let this energy be your mantra and your prayer. To come alive. To be fully alive. Awake. Alert. In your pleasure and aliveness. Even if that hasn’t always felt safe or welcomed. Bring in safety and bring in allowance. Let it be juicy. Let it be sweet. Let it be. Let it be you. Coming alive. Coming alive. Let. The. Energy. Of. God. Awaken. Within. You. And. Let. Belief. In. Self. As. Broken. Flawed. Or without. Fall away. Let. Expansion. Guide you home and lift you off. Om shanti shanti shanti shanti. Peace, peace, peace. And so it is.


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