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May 24, 2024

Why we should all care about Fake News. ~ Waylon {Podcast/Video}


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

In this episode of Elephant’s long-running, award-winning podcast and video series Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis…

Waylon speaks about the role of journalism as the pursuit of truth, the trap of “fake news,” and how we can all develop our antenna for bullsh*t (including our own) if we pause to examine our sources of “facts.” 

“Journalism is simply the search for truth, which makes it similar to science. If you’re interested in journalism—whether you’re liberal or conservative—you’re interested in facts, and you’re open to changing your mind and opening your mind, and being proven wrong.” ~ Waylon Lewis

“The rise of fake news was largely [turbocharged] by Facebook deprioritizing journalism so that the only blogs that got through were and are now viral…a little kid jumping in a puddle, or a cute dog, or a funny talk show moment, or…fake news.

They’re just made-up headlines and made-up images that everyone wants to look at and share, particularly from a partisan point of view, whether you’re conservative or liberal.

But whether you’re liberal or conservative, we want to care about truth because we want a better country to live in.” ~ Waylon Lewis

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“Fake news is a fancy word for for ‘lies.’ ‘Alternative facts.’ So, basically, don’t lie. Search for the truth.” ~ Waylon Lewis

“There’s a hunger for truth and a hunger for something that is bipartisan or nonpartisan, and still interesting. The number one thing you want your (reading, watching) diet to consist of is [good] journalism, so you’ll develop an antenna for bullsh*t.” ~ Waylon Lewis

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