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Bernie Sanders responds to President Trump’s State of the Union Address.

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January 31, 2018
Travis May
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Tonight, President Donald Trump gave his first (and hopefully his last) State of the Union address to members of Congress and the nation.

It was, typically, uninspiring and misleading and divisive. It was the third longest State of the Union speech in history.

You can read the text of the speech here:

Here are some of the lowlights:

“Trump correctly talked about the need to address the opioid crisis. Well, I say to him, you don’t help people suffering from opioid addiction by cutting Medicaid by $1 trillion. We need to expand, not cut Medicaid.” ~ Bernie Sanders

PolitiFact reports this claim as flat out false: “After years and years of wage stagnation, we are finally seeing rising wages.” But wages have been rising by 3-to-5 years, depending on how you measure it.

As well as this one: “We enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history.” That’s False.

Trump tells nation he supports Puerto Rico on the same day he cuts off aid:

We could on and on with statements like these.

“As Trump has done for more than two years, he calls on us to see undocumented immigrants through the prism of horrifying and vicious murders. This is nothing but the most elemental kind of incitement.” ~ Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo

Ezra Klein tweeted: “One of the few constants in Donald Trump’s policy vision has been that Big Pharma is ripping us off and the government should do something about it. That he keeps being talked out of it by advisors, but keeps talking about it as if it’s still his agenda, is Trumpism in a nutshell.”

In his speech, Bernie outlines what Trump said and what he didn’t say, once again bringing up false promises to drain the swamp, fight for our nation’s most vulnerable, and in any sense make America great again.

We must continue to hold him and Congress accountable.

“Poll after poll shows that over 80 percent of the American people believe that we should protect the legal status of Dreamers and provide them with a path toward citizenship. We need to pass the bipartisan DREAM Act now.” #BernieResponds

The $84 billion Trump wants to add to the defense budget (which is already as much now as the next 12 countries combined) would be enough to pay for every qualified American to attend a public university for free, as well as significantly reduce the crippling debt that so many who have went to college are now saddled with.

Bernie, typically, sees a silver lining in all the current mayhem:

“We are starting to see the beginning of a political revolution. Candidates from coast to coast are standing tall for a progressive agenda that works for the working families of our country and not just the billionaire class.” #BernieResponds

You can watch Bernie’s response here:

President Trump's State of the Union needs a response. Here's mine.

Posted by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

“The character of our country – and the state of our union – isn’t determined by our President. It’s determined by our people. Now more than ever, we’re in this fight all the way.” ~ Elizabeth Warren


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0 Heart it! Travis May 1.4k
0 Heart it! 1.4k

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