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Fall up

3 Heart it! Kierstyn Berlin 36
March 17, 2018
Kierstyn Berlin
3 Heart it! 36

Don’t ask me if I’m “good,”
ask me if I’m grateful.

Don’t be sorry I’m sad,
be relieved I’m not numb.

Don’t tell me I look beautiful,
tell me you see me.

Don’t call me a bitch,
support me when I’m brave.

And please
Don’t call me “sweet,”
call me authentic.

Don’t hope for me not to be single,
see that I am so full of love it flows into every man, woman and child I meet.

Don’t call my confidence

Don’t call my kindness

Don’t call my optimism

Don’t call my boundaries

Don’t call my self love

Don’t call my generosity

Please don’t call my playfulness


Don’t pity me as a fool,
because I live in faith.

Don’t call my calm perspective

Don’t think I’m insecure,
Because I love you no matter what.

Don’t call me unstable,
because I don’t believe in imprisoning my life within lines that protect me from living.

Please don’t think my vulnerability
Is anything other than my strength.

Watch me fall,

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3 Heart it! Kierstyn Berlin 36
3 Heart it! 36

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