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Grooving (poetry)

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September 29, 2018
Lucie Uhlarova
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Grooving (poetry)

But what if you want both?

What if you have been trying so hard?

What if you are genuine?

What if you really mean what you say?

What if you really, really care?

What if you have good intentions?

What if what you have and what you want to bring to the table is precious, rare, real and honest?

I still want more, I am aware you are not my saviour but I do still want more. How can I tell you? How can I prove it to you? How can I show you, how can we have a cake and eat it all, too? Please, tell me the way I should go and embark on.

When the feeling inside of you is still so strong, when you just know what you can get yourself into, only by carrying on what you have been doing.

When every bone in your body wants to speak up, wants to be heard, wants to fight with all its might.

When your eyes just could cry no more.

When you cannot look at the picture of sad, miserable people without not saying a word or two.

So, then, what do you do?

When this person has been your inspiration in every way you can imagine.

When you literally touch him in your dreams and you feel shivers and nice feelings all over your body, all over your mind, all over your soul.

When you have reached the point of being sick and tired of waiting and you want to make your dreams come true, just as simply as this sentence is.

When the article after article is about this very topic.

When you cannot think clearly, just breathe in and breathe out.

For this person only, you can imagine your future with. You imagine collaborating with him, to be close to him, to laugh out so loud, to be happy, to listen to music together, to fall asleep together, to eat, to shout out loud with the cry, anything and everything. I have been dreaming of this for so long, I feel this, I feel you, I feel everything, I feel the connection, I feel the vibes. The day when we were together, on your bed, you rolled over towards me to reach out for me and to hug me. I was in heaven. The true reality of my dream came true. I want you to come over to mine, to visit me wherever I am. I want to show you around, to drive you around till we get tired and all that is going to be left would be just to embrace each other, to whisper sweet things into each other’s ear, to surrounder. To listen to the music in the car, to eat and laugh and smile at one another.

How I wish, please, you would make this happen. PLEASE, MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Please!!


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0 Heart it! Lucie Uhlarova 4
0 Heart it! 4

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