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How high will the Monarch fly?.

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September 30, 2018
Susan Fawcett
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How high can the Monarch fly?

Floating upward in the blink of an eye,

Fluttering in pure delight,

Spiraling, spiraling out of sight.


How low will humanity fall?

Caging children who by the luck of the draw,

Born into poverty, violence and famine,

Journeyed to find refuge but instead saw,

The worst of arrogance, cruelty and oppression,

Ripping them from mothers’ arms, coldly labeled as ‘less than.’  


How far can the Rainbow Trout swim?

Leaping through rapids, traveling upstream.

Flashes of brilliant color, cavorting with the thrill

Of brief airborne exploration, with luck he splashes still.


How deep will humanity sink?

Dumping waste in clear waters all life drinks,

Choking the environment, murderous stealth,

Destroying future generations light-filled dreams,

All for the sake of illusory wealth.


How much heat can the Polar Bear stand,

As ‘climate change’ melts the ice,

and harbor seals attempt escape?

Once a frozen tundra, supporting his life,

Now a desolate wasteland, starvation is his fate.


How much desecration will humanity create?

Plastic cups and plastic straws, plastic packaging

false eyelashes, plastic bottles filled with slime,

Plastic plates, plastic glasses.

Bad enough it won’t degrade,

Sad enough it litters the land.

Even worse majestic oceans,

Floating islands of plastic debris,

entangle seabirds as fish ingest.

Human selfishness ignores the rest

Of the creatures who live on Earth

Struggling mightily, they strive to thrive.

Instead by the millions they become extinct

as Humanity destroys

And Humanity lies.  


How much pollen can the Honey Bee gather?

Master creator of Earth’s sweet joy,

Fruits of the orchard, vegetables too,

Berries of the bogs, plants on the hill,

All still exist because of the bee’s stubborn will.


How far will humanity decline,

As it sprays poison pesticides over the bee’s terrain?

Killing the miracle of Nature’s abundance,

Decimating the bees, no link to food remains.


How high can the Monarch fly?

Floating upward in the blink of an eye.

Fluttering in pure delight.

Spiraling, spiraling, out of sight.


How Eternally will our Spirits endure

After we’ve plundered the planet we’ve been given?

Are we so arrogant to claim,

that nothing we’ve done

Shall bring us to shame?


Every action bears a consequence,

of this there is no doubt.

A perfect balance now exists.

Even though we can’t see it,

The ALL that IS seeks it out.


In the miracle of the Monarch’s wings,

Is the answer to the Soul’s refrain.

The Energy that designed how mockingbirds sing,

Created humanity, knowing Free Will, inherently a peril,

Would be a part of the Plan.

The question then becomes of course,

after Free Will has its way,

will anything remain?


Ultimately it’s up to us, to be of Love and not of hate.

When we can finally see the Light and be the answer

Instead of the blight,

then we too shall be free to fly,

Spiraling upward, higher and higher.

There we will meet our Monarch friends

and live in joy that never ends.  


Susan Mary Fawcett  September 29, 2018. 2:33 CST       (photo Gary Bendig)

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0 Heart it! Susan Fawcett 5
0 Heart it! 5

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