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Live Boldly In Pursuit Of Your Dreams

2 Heart it! Emily Gowor 52
June 5, 2018
Emily Gowor
2 Heart it! 52

You have one life. This is it.

It’s happening right here and right now, all around you. You’re feeling it, breathing it, and living it.

The question is:

Are you living it with your whole heart, mind, and soul?

Are you giving your goals everything you’ve got?

Are you applying yourself daily and discovering just how much potential is within you?

Or are you living with your foot half on the accelerator and half on the brakes?

Holding back because you are afraid that if you just let go and follow your heart that you might free-fall into failure?

Pushing your dreams to the bottom of the pile thinking that you must do x, y and z before you can follow your calling?

Making everything else more important than what you came to Earth to do?

My advice is to live boldly in pursuit of your dreams.

Otherwise you will wake up one day at 40, 50, 60, 70 and realize that you didn’t make the absolute most of the life you’ve been given — and it IS a gift.

It is a chance to find and lose yourself in pursuit of what inspires you the most.

It is an opportunity to express what is inside your heart and touch the world with your genius.

It is a chance to change, touch, move or inspire the world by being who you are.

And it is an opportunity to try things to find YOUR thing — and do it, every single day.

So, don’t hold back from what is truly important to you.

Start today by remembering that every day that you put off what you truly want to do with yourself and your time is a day that you could be waking up to the life of your dreams.

Don’t lie to yourself saying that what you yearn to do doesn’t matter: it does.

Stop pretending to be someone you’re not just to please other people: you will hide your true magnificence under a bushel if you do.

And give up bending to the world’s opinions otherwise you’ll end up smiling outwardly while feeling empty on the inside.

You were born for something SO much more.

And that calling you hear and feel within you?

That picture of your life you wish were true?

It’s not woo-woo or a pipe dream or a nice idea for a rainy day.

It’s your DESTINY.

It’s what you were BORN for.

And when you live in pursuit of it and devote yourself to it — when you live boldly towards it — you will not only serve the world in a way that only you can, you will experience all your dreams coming true along the way.

Time is ticking.

Start now.

Start today.

You deserve it.

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2 Heart it! Emily Gowor 52
2 Heart it! 52

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