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Why Creativity is like Sex.

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June 7, 2018
Heidi Hinda Chadwick
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Creativity is like sex.

With all the chaos that the world seems to be twister twirling in right now, with all of the uncertainty, and the general breath-taking unease with which everything seems to be shifting and turning on its head, there is one thing that every single one of us has access to, that may carry us buoyantly and beautifully through these interesting and changing times: our creativity.

And if we turn more to creativity at this time, through our voice, our art, our collaborations, then we automatically, and ironically, are also connecting in to our sexuality.

Creativity and sexuality are interwoven, the same juju with which life is composed of. To separate them creates a chasm, a disturbance in the force if you like, whether that’s within our own selves, or on a grander more global scale, out in the world at large.

But how are they linked? And in particular, how does our creativity become akin to sex? I don’t know about you, dear artist of your own life, but when we are engaged in creating something, it feels good. Damn good! As a creativity coach, writer and dancer, these lines (and I don’t know why I now have an image of lightsabres in my mind!!) become crossed often, and maybe part of our growth, healing and a step in the right direction of living more wholeheartedly and passionately, is about allowing and acknowledging, heck even celebrating, the two!

Shall we look at the evidence? This is my take on what it’s like to create my art. Maybe you can resonate dear one.

When we’re in the mood, tickled and alive, excited and throbbing with desire, then we can’t get enough. We wholeheartedly decidedly greedily give of ourselves fully, letting ourselves stoke and feed the threads with every touch, bite, lick, suck, kiss, thrust and surrender. We do it because we are on board. We do so willingly because it feels gooooood.

But, sometimes we need a little time. There needs to be a willingness of course. A choice. A yes. We need to show up even if our internal temperature is cold, and our proverbial (and actual!) pussy has her slippers and fleecy nightie on dismissing any erotically hopeful fumblings as she flicks, not her clit, but the pages of a Danielle Steele blockbuster!

We need time. We need to allow. We need to agree that the first few rubs or nibbles or strokes might not yet cause a ripple to run through. And sometimes that’s just it and after a while we might proclaim enough is enough, not tonight José, and go on with other matters to hand.

Our creativity is like this. At least it is for me.

It is so much easier when I am turned on by what I’m writing. And I’m not even talking about writing sexy stuff here. I’m talking about the excitement that begins to pulse within me and makes me lick my lips as each word arouses my imagination. The muse and I, engaged in wordy frolics, a wrestling of timbre and melodic turns, of a juicy word and a carefully crafted sentence. Of characters that begin to reveal themselves without much introduction, and a storyline running on its own tracks, tracks well lubricated by vision and curiousity and improvised wonderings.

Aaaah the delight of the act of lovemaking between pen and paper, digits and laptops, the magical muse and lover, and I.

That’s all very well and good when that’s what’s occurring. But it’s not always that way is it!?

Just like sex and exploring our sexuality, it’s not all about going with the sap wet flow. Sometimes we are dry as fuck, and I don’t mean wittily! Some days there’s nothing, no desire, no tingle, no tease, nothing, nada, zilch! What do we do? Walk off nonchalantly? Defiantly? Deflatedly? Frustratedly????

Well yes we can but no one likes to leave a party frustrated now do they!? ;-).

Start with where you are. Start with writing about the frustration, the dry spell, the disinterest and the lack of lustre. Write about the absence of the thrill and Eros. Write about the ‘can’t be bothered’ and the not knowing what to do or how to wake up the sleeping muse. Write about the muse absconded, gone AWOL, who has left you for another writer!! Write about the crap you’re writing and how unsatisfying it is. Write about the desire for the desire to return. Write about the longing to be turned on to ride the wave to come amidst your own inky stained sheets. And write about that yearning to be fucked deeply and strongly by spirits magic nib!

Creativity is like sex. To me it is anyways. Have a 3 way and invite a little group of you to write together. Mix it up and throw in different media you naughty minx.

Whatever turns you on. Find that. Nurture it. Don’t be ashamed, it’s all a rich, dirty mess which might possibly, maybe, contain a pearl or two. And don’t forget, when your word bank is spent, and you’ve come gloriously all over the paper that’s now covered in your creative juice, to say thank you, to revel in the post frenzy, and to know that you can go again, when you’re ready to, over and over and over again!

Reclaim your creativity. And as you do so, reclaim your sexuality. Maybe, just maybe, this is where the revolution lies!

Aho xxx

Heidi Hinda Chadwick is a writer and creativity coach based in Manchester UK. She created ‘The Creative Genius’, offering workshops, happenings and rock ‘n soul mentoring in support of your creativity, sexuality and life.Part gypsy, part sweetness, dancer, word-play poetess and fairy-telling lover. Writing makes her juicy.Currently crafting a book of adult fairy tales, and an A to Z guide to being a creative genius. She has also just written her first novel, about women, desire and magic.

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2 Heart it! Heidi Hinda Chadwick 372
2 Heart it! 372

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