January 14, 2011

Change your story.

This experience called life.

I think that deep down, we all hope not to suffer in our lives, because yes it’s hard and painful. FORTUNATELY, life brings us good and bad, easy and hard, fun and not so fun things to experience. Why do I say fortunately? Because the challenging parts are what help us grow and become more connected to happiness. We don’t have control over what happens all the time and the more we resist life, the more we suffer and feel frustrated. Allowing is experiencing life and everything that it brings you because each experience has it’s purpose.

Change your story.

Have you ever stopped to listen to the things you are telling yourself in your mind? Try it, it’s actually quite funny sometimes. I am telling you, you could have a comedy central going on in there or sometimes a dramatic thriller movie. How challenging or how easy and experience can be all depends on the story you are telling yourself. I remember listening to Rodney Yee once talk about suffering and how we create a lot of the suffering that we live  by making things worse in terms of what we are telling ourselves and this is where resistance comes in, in my opinion. If we invite each experience into our lives and see what we can learn from it, life will feel much less exhausting and the things you wish for will start to take place. Sometimes we think that when something challenging is happening it’s ‘bad’ but most often it’s just the universe answering to requests and giving you the chance to make things shift in your life. By allowing things in, you can take time to observe and actually see why it is happening.


Knowing your personal limits is a really important part of life and respecting yourself in terms of keeping a balanced lifestyle. I strongly beleive that happiness comes from the amount of balance you have in your life. All the while staying aware of your limits I really feel that it’s important for each person to persist to a certain extent in challenging situations. This is often where important breakthroughs happen. Think of when you are practicing yoga and you are holding a challenging pose. The first few seconds sometimes can feel like torture, and you just want to go into child’s pose, but if you get past those first few seconds by breathing deeply you all of a sudden shift into a wonderful feeling of change, opening and gratification. This is why yoga off the mat is such an important part of the practice.  When times get tough just breathe and change the story in your mind because what’s coming after is the bright light of the sun!

Sit down, relax and be inspired.

Mandy Ingberis one of LA’s most popular yoga teachers. She trains some of the biggest stars like Jennifer Aniston all the while being so accessible to everyone. She is very inspiring and grounded and her philosophy on life is wonderful. What I love most about Mandy is that she is very truthful to who she is, bringing her own essence into what she does without trying to be like anyone else. She is unique! In this interview she speaks about breakthroughs in her life and her philosophy, which she calls ‘Yogalosophy’(the name of her new dvd). Listen to her inspiring interview called ‘Mind, Body and Buisness’.

Happy Friday!

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