December 28, 2013

How I Envision 2014.

A few days after Christmas found me sitting on the tan carpeted floor of my friend Ondreah’s home in suburban Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The tree was illuminated with rainbow hued lights and decorated with multi-chromatic ornaments. Holiday music that ran the gamut from the etheric Enya to the high energy orchestral sounds of Manheim Steamroller, streamed through the air.

Just finished a healthy dinner of sautéed kale and shrimp over red quinoa and was sipping mango coconut tea. Her ‘grandpa kitty’ Costello (whose brother Abbott passed a few years ago) paced back and forth as he watched us creating Vision Boards. Although I make them at various times during the year, it is a ritual that has special meaning as I cross the threshold from one calendar closing to the opening of the next.

After a roller coaster ride of the previous 12 months that included positive career changes, engaging in a mind stretching, heart opening training that helped me break through longstanding blocks, travel, connecting with kindred spirits, my radio show debut, ’emotional bungee jumping’, relationship shifts, health challenges, seeing my sister through the death of her husband, the 15th anniversary of my own husband’s passing, the fifth for my dad and the third for my mom, I was ready to seed plant for a powerful and rewarding new year.

Cutting out words and pictures that reflect what I desire to call in is tantalizing. It feels like fizzy bubbles that dance on the surface of newly poured sparkling cider. I am looking at the large poster board now and am delighted to take in the colorful images that embody my eclectic spiritual practice, a reminder that ‘my soul needs playtime’, an invitation extended for my ‘true match’ with whom I will be part of a ‘higher powered couple’, that I experience ‘daily healing’.

There is a meditating Buddha wearing a white t-shirt with a pink heart in the middle with which I had dressed him,  as the central image. Also, a reminder to be ‘slim in the gym’ and create my ‘best body’. It is a focal point and a launch pad for my vivid imagination to take off and soar into the 1st of January into which I also beckon that interview with Oprah (I intend to don my journalist’s hat with her on the other side of the microphone).

After a 2008 interview with  the Dalai Lama, I am assured that anything is possible.

As I have discovered, there is nothing cosmic foo-foo about this practice, since there is scientific basis for the magnetic power of our thoughts. Using this technique myself and teaching others to harness the attractor factor, has yielded jobs, relationships, the aforementioned audience with His Holiness, a car, trips, my book, health and wellness, as well as  money when needed.

Having said that, I also am equally clear that envisioning is only part of the puzzle. Conscious action steps are also necessary. I call it ‘putting legs under’ my intentions. I am equal parts dreamer and doer.

You’ve heard the story, I imagine, of the person who petitions God to win the lottery, swearing that he will support his family, donate to charity and do all manner of good things with the abundance that will be showered on him. He keeps asking, with no tangible result. Exasperated, God replies to his requests with the words “At least meet me half way and buy a ticket.”

I ‘buy the ticket’, by doing what needs to be done to shape my dreams into reality. Another not so startling revelation is that although the wishes I cast onto the Vision Board don’t always jump off its surface as I might have them do, I add to the mix the affirming thought “This, or something better, for the Highest Good of all concerned.”

Remember the scene in the movie Bruce Almighty in which Jim Carrey’s temporary God-persona, grants everyone’s prayer with a resounding Yes! and all manner of chaos is unleashed? Sometimes the answer is yes (exactly as we have asked), sometimes no and sometimes “not yet.”

One of the pictures was of an open door that has a key floating midway above a green field on which delicate tulips are planted. It is an irresistible invitation to leave behind all that no longer serves in this year; the self limiting beliefs, the thoughts that keep me stuck in muck and mire, the pull and tug of fear that had threatened to suck me into quicksand.

On the other side of the door is that long desired loving partnership, financial abundance that goes way beyond living paycheck to paycheck, from the heart authenticity rather than hiding behind the mask of sweetness and light so as to avoid potential rejection, the courage to ask for what it is I want, rather than what I think someone will say yes to.

I take that unhesitatingly brave step and as my wise mother used to advise “Walk in like I own the joint.”

Here’s to a New Year filled with conscious creation!


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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Read 2 comments and reply

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