May 2, 2014

Let’s Get Real.

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And not just right now. Because anything other than real is simply exhausting.

In fact, I can think of only one reason any of us would choose to be anything but real: ego. That’s right, because we are incredibly self centered—and that’s self, with a lower case “s.”

You see, we mistake ourselves for small, insignificant, unworthy and we are afraid of being judged, rejected or perhaps the worst—ignored. And we are so caught up in this little self (which isn’t real) that the higher one, the real self, goes unnoticed.

It’s why smart and talented people use gimmicks to sell themselves, the fear that who they are is not enough—and why others will mask their pain and suffer in silence until that weight becomes too overwhelming.

Please don’t underestimate who you are. You are everything. When you suffer, we all suffer. When you are judged, we are all judged. Your fears are our fears. And what you put on, we all wear. There is such a thing as collective karma—and we make it up, together.

Collective karma just applies to group actions and group decisions … We ordinary people cannot understand completely the great complexity of causes and conditions that are behind the consequences we feel in the present time, because they are really infinite. But what I can say is that there are patterns that we can observe.

~ Lati Rinpoche

Everything we put out there, our actions and reactions and our intentions—there is a ripple effect and we are responsible. And that kind of significance and power should be scary.

#RealPeople #NoPosing

It’s more than just a challenge, it’s a responsibility.  #LetsGetReal

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

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