November 21, 2014

Playtime in the Snow: Yoga Routine. {Video}

Stacy Porter Snow Vid

Baby it’s cold outside!

The other morning, I was walking across the house to see if anyone was still asleep before I fired up my blender for my morning protein smoothie when I passed our sliding glass doors that lead out onto our back porch.

I literally gasped when I saw the winter wonderland that had formed in my yard! I forgot about my smoothie for a minute and ran outside to slip and slide in the snow! Also, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take my camera and do some yoga, too!

It’s practically still dark when the neighborhood kids go to meet the bus for school and I know from past experience how miserable it can be to stand out in the snow that early in morning, especially when you’re alone.

The bus can come at 7:15 or 7:40.It just depends on the weather and you have to be there! They will not wait! If you have company, sometimes snow ball fights occur and you can get warm by running around, avoiding being hit!

I think you can actually hear the bus leaving in the video. I’m thinking of going up to the bus stop and doing yoga with the kids one of these mornings to show them some yoga moves to stay warm. Maybe we can have a snow ball fight while doing yoga! That’d be fun!

So whether you’re waiting for the bus, you’re waiting with your kid and you want to introduce them to the wonder of yoga, or you’re just wanting to have some fun in the snow, here is a little video to inspire you and your outside practice:

Be careful on ice and try not to slide too much. You can see where I slide around on the deck in the video! The snow was slick!

Get moving and be silly! Most importantly, have fun!

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Author: Stacy Porter

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Video Still

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Read 2 comments and reply

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