November 25, 2014

Yoga on the Farm: A Routine for Chaotic Days. {Video}

Yoga on the farm dogs warrior

This video cracks me up!

I love going over to my friend Pat’s farm. He and his family let me wander around, saying hi to all the cows and taking pictures. In the summer, Pat’s niece Katie and I spend hours doing cartwheels across the yard.

Honestly, you never know what’s going to happen over there. Some days the whole family is hanging around the kitchen table and we spend hours telling stories and cooking. Sometimes no one is around and I go outside to make a yoga video.

I showed the family this video and I had to promise that they could join in the next one.

I love spreading that yoga love.

This routine captures the chaos of living on a farm, but honestly, wherever we do yoga there is a chance of being lovingly attacked by puppies! There aren’t many of my videos that don’t include a dog or two.

We just have to roll with the distractions and have fun with it. Embrace the spontaneity and let it inspire our practice.

I wound up playing referee to the crazy pups mid-way through the routine as I’m sure every pet owner can relate with. Puppies want to play. Kids want attention. Cats…they just want to be center stage, I think!

There’s nothing wrong with being distracted. It’s part of life to get pulled away from something to do something else.

What is important is coming back. Coming back to our breath. Coming back to our mat. It’s not that we are trying again, it’s that we are continuing.

There is no pause button for life. We can only keep moving.

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Author: Stacy Porter

Apprentice Editor: Yaisa Nio / Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: YouTube Screenshot

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