June 28, 2015

A Prayer to Solve All Your Problems.

Those first few moments of your morning are the most precious of your whole day, for they set the tone.

Too many people scramble out of bed, throw an outfit together in a panicked fit, and run out of the house so they’re not late for work. Too many people open their eyes and immediately reach for their phones, to scroll through their Twitter feed or check the news. Too many people start writing to-do lists before they even get out of bed!

I’m just as bad, so I’m not judging.

But, I am proposing a better way.

I’m proposing one simple thing, one simple sentence, one single moment that can rock your whole world if done consistently, if done with the proper intention.

You don’t need fancy candles or incense. You don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn. You don’t need anything except a brief moment of quiet (you can even do it in the shower as you get ready for work/your day). You just need a full breath.

Inhale and think: I am here

Exhale and think: …to be the light.

If you do this first thing in the morning, you are setting a clear intention for your day and also for your life (because, if all we have is now, then how you live your day is how you live your whole life).

I have a friend who wakes up every morning and is immediately plagued with all of this far-fetched worries that seeps into every area of her life, giving her non-stop anxiety and stress for the rest of the day. She panics easily and can sometimes get so freaked out that she starts freaking everyone else out, with her calls and texts.

It can be so easy to live like that, especially if you watch the news like my friend does.

This world is a crazy place, after all! There’s never a moment of silence, because the world doesn’t even sleep at the same time. Something is always happening and you can drive yourself crazy trying to keep up.

Be informed. Be aware. Be awake, but be centered.

Ground yourself in your intention to be a light in your world, a light that welcomes others to relax when they’re around you. This creates a beautiful ripple affect that can create peace, without you even being aware of it, from the power of example.

We are here to shine.

Even in the darkness, light can be found. Even in the news.

So, when you start your day, or take a moment to breathe and repeat that mantra, that prayer to yourself, your vibration attacks similar vibes.

You’ll be more likely to find the good when you’re looking for it.

So look—and be the light.





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Author: Stacy Porter 

Editor: Renée P.

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