August 3, 2015

How to Claim Our Spiritual Practice.

There are a lot of reasons to have a daily spiritual practice, but somehow most of us get hung up on the reasons not to.

There’s a mountain of dirty laundry that needs to be taken care of, dishes to do, papers to write, clients to call, naps to be taken, and dogs to walk. It’s a whole other kind of obstacle if you have kids! Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem plausible to roll out the yoga mat, say some mantras, let alone find some quiet time to sit on the meditation pillow.

Somehow the idea of having a daily spiritual practice became separate. It’s something other people can have. It’s something only people who live in temples or monasteries can truly have, because we just have too much stuff to do! The daily spiritual practice is like smoke in the air. When you reach for it, your hand goes right through it as the smoke dances around your skin, evading you, yet enticing you even more.

What is lost for most people is that spirituality is personal.

It doesn’t mean the same thing to you as it does for your neighbor. My spiritual practice might be totally different than yours.

There is no rule book. There are no secret spirituality police who will arrest you if you don’t practice the Ashtanga yoga method six days a week.

Your spiritual practice is all your own. It’s yours to have and yours to claim.

Just like no one can tell you how to practice, no one is going to tell you to practice at all. It’s up to you. It’s your choice. It’s your right. It’s your pleasure. It’s a discipline that requires attention, time, dedication, and motivation. Don’t just wait for inspiration to strike. Spirituality can be your greatest tool or it can be nothing but a nice dream that does you no good because you’re waiting for the perfect time to start it.

There is no perfect time.

There is only the time you give it.

Claim your practice and love it for what it is.

I recently asked the readers of my blog what happiness meant for them and all of the answers were super simple: sandy hair, salty lips, bare feet, looking into their daughter’s eyes, and enjoying a cup of tea while watching the sun rise.

Those things are what nourish the soul. Isn’t that what a spiritual practice is meant to do?

Take a walk with your dog and see the beauty in the world. See the ugliness too and reflect on the truths of life.

Have tea in the early morning and wake up with the sun, charging up for the brand new day with a clear mind and open heart.

Set your intention by writing in a journal in the morning and then reflect on the day in the evening.

Read a spiritual text.

Roll out your mat and let your heart guide you. Or find a YouTube video to help you show up to your practice.

Take your kids outside and sit in the grass and ask them what shapes they think the clouds are making.

Keep your mind focused while you do the dishes and feel the temperature of the water on your skin and wash away the grime of the past by clearing the plates and making room for new goodies.

Your spiritual practice can be anything, so long as it means something to you and helps you come back to this moment, here and now, so that you can truly appreciate what life is. Breathe. Be guided. Accept your practice. Accept yourself. Love it all and keep showing up!

Claim your practice!


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Author: Stacy Porter

Editor: Travis May

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