December 19, 2015

To All the Healers who Want Someone to Heal them.

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Amélie: “Maybe she tries hard to fix other people’s messy lives.”
Raymond Dufayel: “What about her? Her own messy life? Who’ll fix that?”

~ Amélie

I believe that this world is split into two types of people: people who heal and people who need healing.

There are more healers out there than we can imagine. They are among us every second of our days. They are here because people need them. Without them, people would be lost, bewildered and baffled.

Without healers, this world would be a living h*ll.

Healers are the people who ease our emotional and mental suffering. They fill in the gaps where something is missing on our spiritual path and tell us words that we’ve never heard before. They can be a family member, a friend, a lover or a stranger that we just met.

Healers are easy to spot. Their energy is pure and strong enough to tempt us to be around them all the time. It might even be strong enough to ease our physical illnesses. We feel incomparably good around them as they act like a medicine that heals our sicknesses. We like to talk to them, sit next to them and tell them of our suffering.

No matter how introverted we are, when we are around them, it is not the same. Healers act like a diary tempting us to grab a pen and start writing.

What’s ineffable about this, is that healers know this themselves. Every healer who is reading this right now is either smiling or chuckling. They know that they have been sent—like angels on planet earth—to guide and to give. Only they know the real reasons behind their existence here.

Healers are people who seem to have a complete understanding of life’s hidden mysteries. It’s like they have come to this lifetime enough times to know of life’s common sufferings and the way out of them.

That being said, their sole intention is to help people see what they are seeing. They act like beacon of light to show people the way.

Healers can smell broken people who need help from miles away. They find their way to them and offer them bandages to cover their wounds. They listen, they feel, they understand. They put themselves in other people’s shoes and imagine what it is like to live the reality they’re living. They cry with people. They laugh with people. They love, they forgive. Above all, they heal.

They put others first, often letting their own needs slip. To make others happy makes them feel alive. It doesn’t matter what they are feeling or what they are going through. What matters is that they are giving cures without asking for anything in return. When they heal, they feel an incomparable sense of being. It’s like they have accomplished a mission that they were solely sent for.

People, who have been healed by them, say that they’ve been touched by an angel. They say that they’re miracles that have been sent their way. But some healers don’t agree. They are no angels. They are no miracles.

Healers are only regular people who need healing as much as they heal others.

Along the way, healers have lost a bit of themselves during the healing process. Although they give cures to others, deep inside they need a healer to fill up what they have lost and where they’ve been depleted. They want someone to smell them from miles away and give them the bandage that they, themselves, give to people.

We may question their abilities and wonder how come they are filled with pain. But healers are geniuses when it comes to hiding their own suffering. They get so immersed in other people’s miseries that they forget their own. With time, their pain accumulates and the cures they give to people don’t seem to apply to their own being.

Some healers are an emotional mess from the inside. This mess is a mixture of their own pain combined with others’. When they heal others, the pain that leaves the healed person highly affects the healer.

They can’t talk their pain out, but they need to. They fear putting others in more suffering if they speak of their melancholies. They’d rather absorb others’ weak energies than to put theirs into them.

Hence, they wait for their own healer; a healer just like them.

They wait for someone who tells them the words that they tell others. They are in absolute need of a healer as they, too, need to be cleansed from what they have absorbed throughout their lifetime. They believe that love in all its forms is an act of taking and giving. Thus, every once in a while they feel the need to take. Healers need to take the pure and strong energy of someone else so it can strengthen theirs.

But their calamities never stop them from helping others. They refuse to stop healing. Deep inside, they know that someday, someone will come along and heal them. Someday, they will witness the beauty of healing. They will experience the cozy shelter that they offer to people.

Until then, healers will keep on roaming the earth to fix others. The universe will join their paths with people who need them, like it always did. But they won’t complaint, nor curse their luck. They are happy to have been chosen among billions of other human beings to make a change in the world.

To all the healers who want someone to heal them: you will be healed.

Your healer will find you just like you found all the broken people out there.

Have the faith that you tell people to have. Immerse your soul with the patience that you ask others to gain.

Until then, keep on healing.



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Author: Elyane Youssef

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Julie Chrstine R./Flickr

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