December 10, 2015

Yes, We Are. {A Meditative Practice}

meditation practice

On Self Recognition, Acceptance & Opening Up to Kindness and Connection.

This is a wish, a little prayer we can say to ourselves to guide us into an meditative experience. The words can open up your awareness to explore the sense of self deeply into oneness.

I am spirit.
Spirit flows through me.
I am perfect with all of my flaws.
I am beautiful. I am strong.
I am enough. I am worthy.
I am kind and I am loving.
I am loved. I am love.
Love flows through me in my thoughts,
my words and my acts in the service of all beings.
We are all one.
We are all spirit.

Yes, we are.

Notes on the meaning and the work:


First we recognize that we’re something bigger than our selves. We name the divine part spirit. Spirit flows through us. This softens our identification with our small self, the I, the Ego. Recognizing that grace works through us is a great relief. The image of a bigger identity flowing through allows us to let ourselves go.


In changing our perspective to look at our self, we see what is real and making the distinction of what’s illusion and then taking it all in. Loving what is. Exactly as it is. We all need to hear that we’re enough. That we are perfect with all of our flaws. It doesn’t mean we’ll stop growing and evolving, it means we can completely accept what is, as it is.

Opening up.

Our luminous qualities open spaces inside of us. Give us room to shine. When you offer out a smile you get something back. Take every opportunity to be kind. To smile and share generously. To assume the best of others. Then allow this space to open. Allow pure kindness to flow through you.


We’re all in this together. We are all the same. We are all struggling. We all have fears. And we all have this same connection with divine spirit.

How to practice

>>> Sit quietly. When our bodies are still or minds quiet down.

>>> Focus. Harvest your attention by focusing in just one thing, maybe your breath. Or just take three deep breaths. Take just a moment to look inside yourself.

>>> Read it or say it to yourself. Without forcing the ideas, just offer each line, slowly. Let each line sink in, allow anything that arises to come. Just witness.

>>> When you find resistance, notice and honor it. Maybe today we’re pushing some words away, allow that. Then come back again next day or next week. See what you find. This is just an offering, allow yourself to take some things and leave others behind.

>>> When you find yourself opening, softening or brightening up also slow down, recognize and take delight. When you find relief or joy, allow yourself to take it.

This practice can be used on it’s own, but I also find it a nice base layer before moving into Loving-Kindness Meditation.


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Author: Ana Guardia

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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