January 18, 2016

What Love Shouldn’t Feel Like.

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Just know that love can’t become the person you are with.

Love is what moves between you two.

It is what you give and what you recieve. It is the ball that bounces from your hand to their hand. It is a universal language which you can speak with anyone.

Know that whatever you are feeling at this very moment is not because of love. It is because of the person you are with, because:

Love shouldn’t feel like confusion. Everything should be open like flowers that bloom in all seasons.

Love shouldn’t feel like isolation. It shouldn’t tuck you away on a shelf like an old book.

Love shouldn’t make you feel miserable or sad. It shouldn’t bring your soul discomfort where agonies lie.

Love doesn’t allow tears to stream down your face like a river flowing after a heavy rainfall.

Love shouldn’t feel like anger. You shouldn’t become a volcano that hadn’t errupted in years.

Love shouldn’t feel like constant doubting. It shouldn’t feel like betrayal.

Love shouldn’t feel like losing who you are. You shouldn’t compensate and bend back more than you can.

Love shouldn’t feel like you’re taken advantage of.

It shouldn’t feel like judgment.

Love shouldn’t feel like a prison where you count your days to become free again.

Love shouldn’t feel like you’re giving but getting nothing in return.

Love shouldn’t make you feel incomplete. It shouldn’t mess with your innate completeness. It shouldn’t play games with your self-confidence.

Love shouldn’t feel like h*ll.

Love shouldn’t feel like over-analyzing and over-thinking. It shouldn’t let you become your toxic mind.

Love cannot let you experience any of these things. Only a person can.

Only a person can let you become confused, isolated and miserable.

Only a person can make you cry and become enraged, and doubt and feel betrayed.

Only a person can make you lose yourself and who are you.

Only a person can take advantage of you and judge you.

Only a person can make you feel as if you are a prisoner who is giving too much.

Only a person can make you feel incomplete, with self-confidence issues, and living in a place similar to hell.

Only a person can let you over-think.

Love, on the other hand, is beautiful.

Love is heaven on earth.

It feels like sailing on calm waters. It is a Titanic that can never sink.

Love should feel like security, safety and comfort. It should feel like smiling.

It should make you feel special. It should make you feel like you’re one in a million.

Love is becoming one—It is happiness. It is kindness. It is compromise.

Love should feel like a warm sea where you can never grow tired of swimming.

It is all the wonderful things in this world.

Only when a person can give this kind of love, will he be able to become love itself.

Love can never become a person. But a person can become love.

That ball that bounces from your hand to their hand, can one day enter your souls.

And when it does, don’t lose it.

It only metamorphozes once.



You Will Always Be.

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Author: Elyane Youssef

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Scarleth Marie/Flickr // Martin Comeau/Flickr

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